Friday, June 26, 2009

Pretty Much The Best Idea Ever

(img from the bbc)

You've been out for a few hours. And those extremely cute four-inch stiletto heels were a good idea at the time but now your feet are killing you. But who wants to walk around barefoot at most of these places? You could step on something, or in something, or get yelled at by a surly security guard because The State Room doesn't allow bare feet in their ballroom and then you get yelled at again when you are sitting at your table and who cares if you are barefoot at your own table? Not that that happened to me. I'm just saying
So what could be better, in these cases, than coming across a vending machine that dispenses super cute rolled up ballet flats that come with a little bag to put the shoes you are changing out of into. All for around $8???

I cannot even tell you how many crappy flip flops I own due to circumstances in which I can no longer wear the high heels I wanted to wear so I pop into CVS or Walgreens to get some kind of relief in the form of $5 floppies.

And look how cute!
(img from
And after you buy a pair you can roll 'em up and throw them in your handbag for next time the Ill Advised Shoe fairy strikes.
Now if only we can get some kind of disposable pashmina vending machine going for those nights when you're a little chilly that way you don't have to spend $45 on a "MAINE" sweatshirt in Portland because it's freezing and that's the only thing available for purchase at 10PM on a Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

you should copyright your Pashmina vending machine right now! and while you're at it, add an umbrella vending machine for Vancouverites.