Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Age Ain't Nothin But A Number

I was recently talking with one of my good friends at work when it became apparent that our friendship was a lie. Because neither of us had any idea how old the other one is.

We found this out via this discussion

Me: I actually did shots at a bar on Friday night. SHOTS! I feel like a gal of 23!
Coworker: You feel like you did last year
Me: What!??
Coworker: Aren't you like 24/25?
Me: No I'm 29. Aren't YOU like 24?
Coworker: No I'm almost 28.


But here is the fact. People always think I am 23 years old. And then when I tell them I'm 29 they are sort of taken aback. Maybe it's because instead of talking about mortgages and having babies I am more likely to talk about gettting crunk and buying shoes? Is it because I'm always cracking jokes and comedy makes you appear more youthful? Or maybe it is my girlish charm. In any case I have been fooling people, through no effort of my own, into thinking I am in my early twenties ever since....I was in my early twenties.

I don't begrudge these people their mistake though. If they think I am that age now, had they known me when I was 22/23, they would have been quite scandalized, I asuure you. Though I may not have reached the societal goals that certain people think a gal of 29 should have reached by now, at least I am no longer hitch-hiking my way home from Landsdowne Street or dancing with my friends on bars in seedy Providence clubs (Well not too much anyway, but then again we haven't BEEN to Providence together in a while)

That has to count for something, right?


So what about you? Do you usually get mistaken for an age other than your own?

This shit better continue into my thirties. That is all I have to say.


Britt said...

I'm 23 (will be 24 in 4 months) and people still think I'm in high school. Not so fun right now...but when I get older I suppose I'll appreciate it. ☺

San said...

If you're anthing like me, you'll be lucky... I am in my early thirties now and are constantly mistaken to be in my early twenties. It's quite flattering... from the looks-part, sometimes people figure out I am older because I don't "act" like a twentysomething ... whatever that means *ggg* (because I think I never did).

Anonymous said...

I hear that about it continuing into your 30s, especially since my 30s begin *gasp* NEXT MONTH!


But kiddos often tell me they think I'm 21 or 22 (love them lots!) and I hear 24/25 from strangers.

Love them, too.

Jo said...

I am frequently mistaken for Jodie Foster, which is okay except for the fact that she is 10 years older than I am. Hopefully people don't realize that she's 46?

Karen said...

I was told last week that I look like I'm in my early 30's....yeah, I'm on the downhill slide to 40 now. EEP! Hey, I'll take it. Now, if only I could get people to stop calling me ma'am.

On a totally unrelated note, Would you mind re-sharing the name of that harispray you raved about in a post several months back. I'm in the market for some new stuff and, if I recall correctly, you were swearing that this stuff was a Godsend.

Many thanks - I love your blog, even though I'm an oldster :o)

Laura said...

When in my late teens, I apparently looked liek a 20-something. Now, in my very early 30s, I get ID'ed when I buy booze on the weekend, but also get called "the lady". Go figure.

Sarah said...

Karen you are no oldster! And the hair spray I am in love with is L'Oréal Elnett StrongHold Hairspray. I've only seen it at Target and it really is the best!

Sarah said...

Oh and Jo I know what you mean about being told you look like an older celeb. When I was 22, I spent Spring Break in London and pretty soon after I got there I lost my Tube pass. Hoping that the guy I bought it from would remember me, I went to him and asked if he could replace it for me. He said normally he wouldnt do that but since I remind him of his favorite pop star, he would do it. Who was this favorite pop star? Shakira? Britney Spears? Uh no, Bette Midler. Ha!!

Lea said...

I'll be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday next week, and I still get mistaken for a 23/24 year old. It gets tired after awhile, especially when you are trying to gain respect from (much) older co-workers. Sigh.

hope505 said...

I'm 43...people have been 'shocked' at my age since my 30's, when I looked in my 20's *hahaha!* Now they just say, "wow, I thought you were younger" or "you have a very youthful quality" so...that pleases me, I guess
* : )

missvoltage said...

Turned 32 at the end of 2008. Still get mistaken for 22ish...

D'Rae said...

I am 31 and my coworker who is 23 thought I was only 25.

Alisa said...

The kids thing throws people off. I have always looked younger but I confuse them now because I got married 2 years ago and had a baby last year. So they shave a few years off of me. When I add that I have a 5 year old they add those years back on in their heads. I have never cared about age until my last birthday when I turned 37. I am seriously having problems with reconciling that I am actually 37. I am not sure if having a 33 year old husband hurts or helps my cause. : )

Sarah said...

Alisa you are a Milf, 33 year old husband or not!

Jen said...

I'm almost 31 and people usually guess me to be in my early to mid 20s. Those people are usually sales people though so who knows if they're telling the truth!

Anonymous said...

I usually get mistaken for being younger than my age but nothing specific recently.

My favorite was when I was at the airport, about to fly out and visit my boyfriend in college. A woman I was talking to says "You look 12 so your boyfriend must be, what? 13?" Uh yeah. And my parents are letting me fly to FL to visit him. And ERAU lets him fly planes. (I was, in fact, 20.)

Jenny said...

People always guess that I am in my early 20s and my florist was SHOCKED to find out I am 29!!

And I love it! :)

eileen said...

I have trouble believing my own age sometime (i'm 31). I think my maturity stalled at age 28. I don't normally get mistaken for that much younger, but I always assume everyone is around my age, (younger than me = 28, older than me = 34) so I get thrown off when I discover that they're actually 22 or 41 or whatever.

Anyways, Bette Midler? LOL.

Sparky said...

I love it when people think I'm 24 upon first meeting me because that means I LOOK younger. However, if after spending some time with me they decide to tell they think I'm 24, I'm assuming it's because they think I ACT younger. Whatever. I work in sales and I have to admit, I love it when people underestimate me because they think I'm much younger. Hey, I'm 30 going on 31! This "little girl" is about to wipe the floor with your ass! lol!

Sarah said...

Haha I was saying the same thing to a frioend the other day. There are people in the same role as me at work who are 20 years older and think that fact alone makes them more qualified....then I step in and show them how it's done and it shocks them. I love that they dont see me coming.

Kate said...

Most people think I'm younger when they look at me (which I find interesting seeing as all I can focus on are the new wrinkles on my forehead). A month or so ago I almost got carded for a lottery ticket. I'm 31 (soon to be 32) so that was pretty awesome.

Jenn said...

Strange, but when I was a teenager people always thought I was older, like in my 20's, like definitely an adult. But lately many people are mistaking me for much younger, like 24 or 25 or so. I'm about to turn 33 so I'll take it! Maybe it is my greasy Italian skin keeping me youthful looking???

Jenn said...

Also, I once had the following conversation with a work friend, years ago:

Me: some random comment about something "from high school"
Her: "Ha ha, I bet I am at least 10 years older than you think I am."
Me: confused, because I had been assuming she was pretty much exactly my age, "What are you talking about? Aren't you my age?"
Her: "I am 36." (I was 26)

Now I realize that 36 should not sound "old" to someone who is 26. However, a lot usually happens between 26 and 36 and you just, you know, assume a lot of things.

Kudos to her I guess! I never in my life would have guessed she was more than maybe a couple years older than me.