Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three Things I Like Today

1) Solid Perfume.

Last time I mentioned solid perfume on this blog I got hate comments about being a hippie. Now I am FAR from a hippie (Patchouli makes me nauseous and I have a skin allergy to hemp) but I do love solid perfume. I found a store in Portland that carried Pacifica line which I loved so I bought a tin of their "Tahitian Gardenia" and am quite in love with it. What's great about it is it's small and can't leak since it's you know, a SOLID so you just throw the tin in your purse and when you want a little pick me up rub a little on your wrists and behind your ears. Divine!

2) My parent's collection of old school cookbooks particularly The Frugal Gourmet
Who doesn't remember my man Jeff Smith? His frugal ways are especially relevant in these times and his recipes are a newt mix of classic and weird. His fennel dressing is to die for, you can throw it on anything pretty much and instantly improve it. For more of his recipes check this site out. My mom also has a collection of rando cookbooks from church bazaars and craft fairs and those are really my favorite kinds of cookbooks. I read them like actual books!
3. Party Boy videos on You Tube.

There was a time in my life when I LOVED Jackass and thought it was the most hilarious show ever. I may or may not have seen the movie in the theater. Particular the stylings of one Mr. Chris Pontius as "Party Boy" were my FAVE. If you haven't watched the show, Party Boy basically shows up in public places in a track suit with a radio and starts playing techno music, stripping down to a thong, and humping stranger saying things like "Doesn't this just make you wanna DANCE?". If loving that is wrong, I don't want to be right.


Princess Extraordinaire said...

I used to love Jackass too, now it just makes me cringe as it looks so painful!!

Marianne said...

I came across your site searching for Frugal Gourmet recipes - I love that man! His tortellini and green pea salad (from the Frugal Gourmet Cooks with Wine) has made me a hit at potlucks for years!

Andy said...

I love everything in your post. You know Betsy has a first edition Joy of Cooking right? Holla!