Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Night and The Weekend's Here I Need To Unwind With A Party*

Friday in the house!!

I could use a weekend too, I tell you what. This has been a busy week workwise and socially! I have also seen my parents a lot which is nice. It's always nice to catch my mom between trips: after returning from her two months abroad she and my dad are leaving in a week or so for a month in Florida. Which puts me and Adam back on Bodhi-duty but we don't mind. Look at that face!

Anywho, last night was me and Andy's annual night out at Shecky's Girls Night Out. You really can't go wrong with this event especially now that it's FREE. I reccomend registering for the next one in August here. For those who don't know it's basically a shopping party with lots of different vendors and lots of free drinks. What's not to love?

Since this was our 4th or 5th time doing this kind of event we knew the drill. We got there right when it opened at 5PM which is really the only way to do it because at that point you can almost always find street parking (which in the South End is RARE), there aren't too many people there and you can get to all the tables, no line for cocktails, better selection of stuff.

We were both kind of out of hand almost immediately. For instance, the coat check was free but you had to fill out a Verizon Wireless card and enter some lame contest to take advantage of it. The card asked for your cell # which I am loathe to give out so I put a fake number down. After doing this, I heard one of the coat check girls tell someone that they text you your coat check number so i was like "Oh I am glad you said that because I totally just put a fake number down" and she glared at me and said sarcastically "Oh yeah people always do it, it's SUCH a fun game". WOAH! Sassed almost immediately! Look at me go!

And then there was Andy who told the people selling Discounted Designer Sunglasses that he had an iPhone and was going to verfiy prices online to see if they were trying to dupe us.

We = a good team.

Anywhosies I ended up purchasing two awesome items. A feathered headband

(like this, not from this vendor (whose stuff btw is amazing!) BUT it looks just like that)

And then of course a fabulous cerulean, sequined kaftan like this because I sometimes just want to lounge around my apartment feeling like an Arabian princess.

After an hour and a half at the event we packed it in and headed to our usual apres-Shecky's venue: The Ashmont Grill. Where we ran into not one, not two but THREE of my coworkers all of whom were there with seperate parties. Love it! Today everyone else is asking why they weren't invited to the apparent meeting last night.

After dinner and drinks I then went to CVS and threw a small fit that a perscription my doctor called in for me at 5PM was not ready at 9PM. Four hours seems like ample time to fill a bottle with medicine, oui? Why did I need this medicine? OH hai, I have thrush. You know, like nursing babies get? I got it from the steroids in my inhaler.

Who wants to make out!?

No one?

So the fact that the weekend is upon us, and that it's going to be such a gorgeous one makes me HAPPY! Tonight Adam and I are dining at one of our fave restaurants and then kicking it high school style and hitting up the South Shore Plaza for some Friday Night Shopping. Saturday my mom and I have big plans that involve the Talbots Outlet (weird) and the Derby Street Shops then at night Adam and I have a date with our friends Jenn and Mike. Sunday who knows? Maybe I will actually clean my apartment. Quel novelty!

*And now for a little Zhane to get your weekend started off on the right foot.


Princess Extraordinaire said...

Way cute purchases! I'm sorry you have Thrush - no fun....

Melissa said...

I love the stuff you bought!

I didn't know adults could get thrush! I used to get it all the time when I was a baby! Feel better!

Nicky said...

You just confirmed to me that I'm right. I haven't been using my inhaler either because mine can give you thrush too!!! WTF???

Alisa said...

So glad you posted pics of your purchases. I had all kinds of mental images last night after your tweets. I was picturing a sequined housecoat and feathered headdress. I was worried you made some bad alcohol induced buys.

Jenn said...

Mmmm thrush.... Anytime I use an inhaler, especially steroid, they have told me to wash out my mouth and then spit, not swallow (not hard to remember) or it will cause thrush. Now I know it's true! ;)