Friday, February 27, 2009

Pull it Together

Ok. Here we are Day 4 of The Plague. I feel like I am finally on the tail end of it. Yes I was up all night coughing and I feel like my lungs are afire BUT I do not have a fever and the sinus-y part of it seems over as well. Left to deal with? No voice, sore throat, shit in lungs.

Easy peasy.

I am working from home today armed with Mucinex, Dayquil and lots of liquids. I'm trying to book a doctor appointment for later this afternoon just to confirm that I don't have bronchitis. I can't afford to f around becuase my BIRTHDAY PARTY is tomorrow night and believe you me I wouldn't call that off even if I still did have a fever. After spending my actual birthday miserable and semi-coherent I deserve a fabulous night out with my fabulous friends at a fabulous place. Right? RIGHT!

So F you, disgusting flu and chest cold. You can't keep me down!!


WELL I am certainly glad I decided to go to the doctor today AND I am glad that my regular doctor wasn't in so I saw a rando doctor who was like "um, why does Dr. So and So always give you Nasonex when you clearly have asthma?". Say what? Oh yes, the reason that when I get a cold I get knocked on my ass and have a cough for WEEKS. And why I cough more at night even if I sleep sitting up. And why sometimes I feel like no matter how deep a breath I take I can't get enough air in.

That right there is some asthma.

In my case it is mild and intermittent which means I just need to do the whole 2 puffs, 2 times a day while I have this cold and I have a fast acting one for when I wake up hacking to death in the middle of the night, but since I'm taking the OTHER inhalers that shouldnt even happen. And in the future when I get a cold, if I start using the inhaler immediately then I won't have this long drawn out abomination of a chest cold. AND other than when I am sick I don't even have to use the inhalers. So boo yeah to that.

THEN I went to my parents to finally see my mom who came back the other day from her two months in Lebanon-Paris-South Africa and I missed her tons so it was really nice to see her and of course the loads of goodies she brought back were fun too...the BEST of which is a good sized chunk of her friend Beatrice's jewelry collection (Andy are you reading this?). Basically Beatrice is my mom's best friend since they were 2 and she has always been a style icon to me (total jet setter, works for the Agence France Press, has lived all over the world, dates men with names like "Pirate") and the fact that she just gave me a bunch of her FABULOUS funky necklaces and earrings and bangles is just the bees knees if you ask me. Yeah I said it. the BEES KNEES.

So my birthday is a turnin' around! Work it out!


Jeannie said...

Get betetr, get better!

Rebecca Jill said...

You do deserve a fabulous night out with fabulous friends at a fabulous place.

I hope you're able to get to the doctor. Sending get well vibes from N.C. up the east coast to Boston.

Jenny said...

Oh no! Feel better soon Sarah! Hope you get (and enjoy) your fabulous night out. Eat lots of chicken soup today! :)

♥SMS♥ said...

Feel better!! Everyone deserves a fabulous night after having this stuff!

Kimba said...

Can't wait for your bday update!!! Happy you're feeling a little better!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I sam glad you got another opinion - I am sorry you have asthma but hopefully now you can be better treated...I have been hacking wiht the flu/cold all week as wekk and my b-day is Sunday so ...we'll see! Happy B-day to you! Feel better!