Friday, November 14, 2008

My Brain Done Gone.

Where did I leave my brain?

The last time I had it was last night , I was out for a fabulous dinner at Vox with Jenny, John Wall, Sooz and assorted other Boston blogger and social media dignitaries (Thanks again John for putting that together! What fun!).

Then there was this morning. I definitely did not have my brain when I overslept by an hour.

And I definitely didn't have it when I tried to call work to say I would be late and couldn't remember the number (no it's not saved in my phone, why I do not know).

I did not have my brain when I repeatedly tried to log onto my online banking and was repeatedly shut out until I realized I was typing my password where my username should be.

My brain was clearly missing during a morning meeting where after an hour and a half my notebook looked wasn't so much filled with notes as it was filled with 2 words and a TON of doodles.

Can you imagine?

My boss: Sarah do you have anything to add?"
Me: Shh I'm trying to draw pants.

And so it goes. Luckily I won't need my brain too much this weekend : tonight's plans include Pho and friends . Tomorrow yields with it errands and a housewarming party. So maybe by Sunday it will have come back and I can put together a more intelligent post for Monday.

Until then, stay tuned for nonsense!


Suz said...

I like to call that "drinking myself dumb"; after one particular weekend, I got to work on Monday and couldn't remember the code to get onto our floor; I had to sit in the hallway until someone else showed up. Ridiculous.

Sarah said...

HA for reals. They should start calling gin martinis "brain erasers" because that is what they are.

The M Show said...

Whooo hoo! Gin #1

Anonymous said...

Vox is wonderful. although i don't think i have ever crawled out of bed happy the next morning, haha.