Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bye Spleen!

This afternoon my good friend Danielle is saying goodbye to a huge asshole in her life.

Her spleen.

Yes, that spleen has been the cause of much misery to Danielle so it is with no small amount of relief that we say GOOD RIDDANCE to that jerk of an organ.

If you have a moment, please pop over to her blog to send her lots of good wishes and good thoughts for her splenectomy today. Go girl!


Princess Extraordinaire said...

I hope she recovers well!

danielle said...

thanks boo. the countdown is on!

Nicky said...

Seriously, fuck a spleen. I mean, really - what does a spleen even do? Except hurt and have to be removed.

Good luck, Danielle!

Lucy said...

dude...that's what i said when my best friend had her's removed. stupid worthless organ.