Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Maternal Dreams

Sometimes I read/hear about people dreaming about their kids long before they've even considered having kids. It's always a mystical moment where in their dream they look in their child's face and it has their significant other's eyes and they knew that's when they wanted to have kids, etc.

In a related story I read a lot of sappy chick lit, especially in the summer.

Anyway I always thought I would be freaked out if I dreamed about my own children especially since I don't want kids any time soon but it turns out having that dream is not always all that romantic and mystical. Especially when you're me.

This dream, for me, happened the other night. For starters, I dreamed that Adam and I broke up.

In the dream, we had a fight about something stupid and just like that, went our separate ways. As I was about to be set up on a blind date later that day (hey in my dreams I move FAST), I realized we couldn't break up because we have 6 kids so we ended up getting back together but throughout the whole dream, I kept forgetting how many kids we have and I would say to myself "Think about how many kids Jon and Kate Plus 8 have, and subtract 2.

Then I would assuage my guilt at not knowing how many kids I have by telling myself that some of them were twins and since twins have the same birthday it's easy to think it's only one child.

HA! I am going to be an awesome mother some day!


Anonymous said...

hey, last night i totally had a dream about being in the hospital after just giving birth. something in the air? :)

K said...

Hey, at least you know who your baby daddy is in your dreams. I recently dreamt that I was pregnant but I didn't know who the father was! yikes! ;-)

RED said...

oh my gosh that is HILARIOUS. I esp. love the part about rationalizing that the twins only count as one, kind of.
I can't believe I'm going to say it, but it's true, I LOLed. Ha!

GS said...

Jajajaa "Think about how many kids Jon and Kate Plus 8 have, and subtract 2" that´s funny... God, six!! in my dreams is always twins and they´re still newborn.

Sarah said...

I'm glad you guys are amused and not horrified!

love, alanna said...

haha i am seriously amused! and i usually end up accidentally leaving the baby(ies) somewhere in my dreams, so you're definitely beating my mothering skills.