Monday, April 28, 2008

The Good TV

Have you ever noticed that most of the time, when something seems annoying or's because you are ALLOWING it to be annoying or unfair? Or better yet you are putting yourself in the situation where you know you will become annoyed but never saying or doing anything about it because frankly you don't really notice it's really your doing?

Allow me to expound:

Maybe it's gearing up for the Assertiveness In The Workplace seminar I attended today - my mind has been all on top of ASSERTING myself and BEING ASSERTIVE - so over the weekend I had kind of an epiphany.

Now, though Adam and I both paid equally for our fancy new TV, I subconsciously still think of it as Adam's TV because 1) he is the one who really wanted it, 2) I don't care about HD LCD LMNOP what have you and 3) He is the one watching all the sports that I allow look better on a bigger screen. I didnt realize how much this mentality was coming into play until this weekend.

On Sunday afternoon I came across a movie I wanted to watch (Fracture - it was not that great but that is neither here nor there. ) Anyway I was in the living room, where the good TV is and Adam was in the spare room on the computer. I came into the spare room and was all "Hey there is this movie on, do you want to watch it with me?" and explained the plot. He was like "ehh" about it so I was like "Ok I will watch it in the bedroom so you can watch the Sox game on the good TV.

Then I walked into the bedroom and was suddenly, and violently, indignant. WTF! How come, if we both paid for this TV, does he have more rights to it than I do? Even if it IS a sports game who cares? I should get to watch a movie on the nicer TV from time to time and not be banished to the bedroom. WTF. How many Lifetime movies have I watched in the bedroom while he is basking in the glow of the good TV , typing away on the laptop not even paying attention to the screen? The injustice of it all!

And you know, Adam never TOLD me I couldn't watch movies on the new TV when a Sox game was on. I just made an assumption because you know what I AM TOO DAMN NICE (as all my friends in real life snicker). But the reality of it is I pulled a total girl move, which I am loathe to admit, and volunteered to do something and then was pissed about it.

So I stomped back into the spare room all pissed off and said "You know what It's MY TV TOO and I am going to watch my movie on the GOOD TV and YOU can go in the bedroom! And if you don't like it WELL THAT'S TOO BAD".

And of course Adam, who never had a problem with this is in the first place and had no idea I was bitter since I OFFER to go in the bedroom was like "Sure no problem", completely bewildered by my vitriol (ok not totally bewildered because hello, we have lived together for almost 4 years, he is used to this shit).

What can I say? I like to put the "ass" in "assertive".


Melissa said...

Sounds exactly like something I would do!

Libby said...

All inspired I just said to D., "Hey, Babe, can you watch the Celtics game in the bedroom tonight because I want to watch both The Bachelor and The Hills is on the good TV." He looked at me like I had six heads but, to his credit, he shrugged and agreed.

Caity said...

That's great... I can picture that whole scene. Though the TOO DAMN NICE comment did make me laugh out loud, it wasn't because you're not nice... it's just that you are usually assertive! :)

natalie said...

oh girl, i do that kind of shit ALL the time. i'm always moody/pissed off for no reason (i will be mean for a whole day about a bad dream where he's cheating on me).

i blame it on the estrogen.

The M Show said...

Dude. Tivo.

Jeff Cutler said...

I think what we have here is a failure to communicate.

And to your credit, you realized on some level that movies look better in HD too.

In fact, (sorry Adam) movies on DVD are at better quality these days than any sports program because the max the sports are broadcast at is 470 while movies might be at 720 or Blu-Ray at 1080 (interpolated).


Oh, maybe I made my point that we are all speaking a different language and the communication problem should be jointly blamed on the cat, dog or outside entity.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming - either in HD or not.

**THE BEST PART OF THIS WHOLE MINI RANT is that the Word Verification is "domtv" which I take to mean dumb TV.

Sarah said...

Oh we have DVR on both TVs but neither of us like to wait when we REALLY want to watch something. :-)

Sarah said...

I appreciate the male perspective though guys!

San said...

yeah, what the hell? why do we women tend to do that?

ah, i know. it's one of those little games we play... we want the guys to "sense" that we're not meaning what we're saying ;)