Thursday, March 27, 2008

Girl Code

Girl Code is Alive in Quincy.

You know about girl code, right? The secret code between girlfriends that should never be broken. You know: You don't date your girlfriend's ex (in some cases if it was a less than friendly break up you don't even SPEAK to your girlfriend's ex). You tell a fellow rest room user if the stall she is walking into is out of toilet paper. Basically you watch a girl's back - not just because she is a friend but because we all have to look out for each other.

So I was not surprised last night when Adam came back from drinks with one of his girl-friends at one of our usual haunts and told me the bartender was quite rude to him.

Now, Adam and I go to this restaurant/bar probably once a week for dinner or sometimes just a nightcap. And we almost always have the same bartender and she and I have commiserated about things like getting your hair blown out and an hour later it starts raining (preach, sister!) and when your favorite facial moisturizer is discontinued, how terrible that can be. She is always a total doll. But last night, when Adam showed up with a Girl Who Was Not Me apparently she gave them dirty looks. Ignored their drink orders. Was short with them both.

Adam was surprised at first but he soon realized the reason. That bartender has my back. Girl Code - in full effect. So if he ever wants to step out on me, he will have to take his business somewhere other than our street. Or most of the bars in Quincy Center. And maybe one or two in Hingham. (Hey, I like my martinis)


Elsie said...

I love that story!!

Krista said...

thats great! hahaha

Honeydew Studio said...

ROTFL!!! That's amazing. Now you're going to have some 'splaining to do next time you go there.

Sitcomgirl said...

She so should be getting bigger tips :)

Honeydew Studio said...

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Kerry said...

So true! And when you know a boyfriend or husband is a real shit to your girlfriend you make sure he knows you know and that he's not kidding ANYONE!

Fabulously Broke said...

I love it too!!!

Girl Code.. is there anything better? :)