Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Portrait Of A Lady*

Mona Lisa

Girl With A Pearl Earring
and now...Sarah Stewart

What do all these women have in common? They are subjects of world famous portraits.

Ok the last one on the list maybe not so much a WORLD FAMOUS portrait but a portrait nonetheless.

Ok maybe the portrait hasn't even been skectched out yet, but it will be!

Allow me to explain.

My dad, as you may be aware, is an artist. He does amazing paintings and sculptures, he has traveled to Europe frequently over the years to take art classes and up until recently had a studio in Rockland which he had to give up since the building is being torn down. So he has since made himself a new studio in the house which has worked out great for him except you know, my parents house is kind of lacking in live models. Except for my mom. And of course the dog. So when he asked me yesterday if I would mind posing for a portrait I readily agreed. Hello? It's like having a photo taking but you can tell the person doing it "Make me look 20 lbs thinner".

Not that I would ask that.

But in any case I will now be spending an hour a week chez Stewart, posing in a to be determined outfit and a hairstyle of my choosing. How do I want my likeness to be forever preserved on canvas. Curly hair or blown out? And if I choose blown out then I will have to blow my hair out at least once a week for the sitting session so do I want to commit to that? And what color shirt? What STYLE shirt? And what of my make up, should I go barefaced or as I normally do. Maybe a smoky eye? A nude lip? Rouge?

These are the questions I am sure Mona Lisa struggled with.

I look forward to spending this time with my dad and also having something cool to show for it. Of course I will hang this portrait above my fireplace in the sitting room and remark on it constantly to guests.

Ok I don't have a fireplace. Or a sitting room. And I would NEVER be the kind of person who hangs a huge portrait of themselves in their home as the focal point of a room. Scarlett O'Hara could pull that off. I could not.

But you never know. If it truly captures my essence I might have to rethink my stance on flagrant self-obsession

*I am SO a lady.


Lesli said...

How cool is that? Your dad is an artist. I love it! You will have to post a picture of the painting when it is all done--fun!

Me said...

That is so cool!!!! :)

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Lady or not, you are gorg so I am sure it will come out beautifully. Can't wait to see pics!

Cindy said...

Wow! Can't wait to see the finished produce. But in the meantime, the one you posted is serious genius.

Lys said...

Wow - very nice. And sure you could have it hanging up somewhere and tell Adam tough cookies and over the "fireplace" it would go.

Can't wait to see a pic when it is finished (and my vote is for the smoky eye - classic yet chic - and timeless!)

RED said...

Wow! That is fantastic your dad is an artist - that will be such a treasure to have a portrait of yourself! I think I would go curly, but, I am biased. Also, it always looks so nice in photos/paintings. Wow, I'm so excited to see how it turns out! HAve fun!

Krista said...

harrrrrrrrr you are such a nut bar.

Matt does abstract, he'd probably paint me as a blue square with polka dots.

Anonymous said...

You are very funny!

M said...

That sounds like fun. <3 James

BTW do we have the same glasses? (

Rebecca said...

And you are so flipping hysterically funny.. ;)

Looking forward to seeing the pic!

Anonymous said...

That's so exciting!! I'm a little jealous...I've always thought having a portait painted sounded kind of fun.