Friday, February 01, 2008

New Favorite Thing

Oh yeah.

I had sent people beer before thanks to the lovely folks over at You Got Beer, but being able to send someone a cocktail just makes me really psyched. Actually my friends being able to send me a cocktail is what makes me psyched.

You just log on, pick a friend and send them a gift card for a cocktail good at any of the restaurants or bars on their website (and there are a LOT, at least in the Boston area) and they get an email with a message from you and a code they can use to get themselves a cocktail! I love it!

So, you know my birthday is coming up in oh 24 days.

We can celebrate now though.

Just sayin'.


eileen said...

That's my friend's husband's business!
I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

man, i LOVE it! :) what a cool idea!

Andy said...

You don't want to say what your top 4 choices would be? What if I got you a drink at the Salem Beer works? Then you'd have to go there! (which aint half bad b/c you can go to the Peabody Essex before hand). So...I guess I see your point.

Sarah said...

well my dear, the person who sends the gift card doesnt pick the bar, the person who recieves it picks it!

M said...

Two words: Blue Wave