Thursday, February 21, 2008


I tend to be e-judgmental.

Not so much about a website's content or design or whatnot...but more along the lines of if a company HAS a website.

Sometimes at work I will need information about a company we are working with and my first thought as to how to GET this information is to get on to their website. Or maybe someone told me about a cool new spa I should check out and I want to see a price list online. Or maybe I'm trying out a new restaurant and I want to get a feel for the ambience/type of food they serve.

But when these places don't HAVE a website. It unnerves me. What am I supposed to do now? CALL them and ASK an actual person the questions I have? Sacre bleu!

I am much less curious if actual physical effort is involved.

And if you ask me, human interaction is overrated, anyway.

I will say this though, I think .biz websites are adorable.


Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

I seriously loathe when a business does not have a website. It really irks me! I wouldn't want to call a restaraunt or salon and ask them a million little questions. Very annoying!

Anonymous said...

I agree!! I especially hate the websites for businesses that don't include their price list for their services. It's like a tease. I get all excited to find their site, but I still don't get my question answered.

Restaurant websites that have menu links are the BEST. If I'm trying a new restaurant, I usually check it out online and probably have decided what I'm going to order before I even get there.

Sarah said...

HA Amanda I do the same thing. That's half the fun of going out, anticipating a good meal you already picked out :-)

Auburn Kat said...

I do the samething! That's the world we live in nowadays.

Meg said...

I'm with you. Me having to make a phone call to find out about your company = you not getting my business.

San said...

can companies seriously survive without a website??

Randall said...

Agreed! When I google some random business and nothing pops up I kind of sit there staring at the screen confused, "No website? Is that possible? Do they actually exist? Well, what am I supposed to do now?!"

Let it be a lesson that everything needs a website!

Andy said...

you're all a bunch of nerds.

Britt said...

Ditto. I'm so E-biased, it's ridiculous.

danielle said...