Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

So what if it's the 2nd. I have been living in the bliss free existence that is Not Working since last Friday which would explain the lack of posts.

New Years Eve was a fabulous dress-up party at my friend Jeanne and Chris's which rocked and addition to the usual suspects featured a bunch of people I never get to see as an added bonus. And then at 1AM we decided to play American Idol on Playstation which is ALWAYS a good time in my book. The punch flowed like wine, I made probably the most inappropriate joke ever (several times) and everyone had a blast!

The last two days were extremely unproductive but in the best way possible (i.e. the way that includes wearing PJs, drinking whiskey sours and watching hours of America's Next Top Model reruns with your boyfriend who CLAIMS to hate it but gets really into it despite himself).

I have to go back to work tomorrow and am looking forward to not being a complete deadbeat. Ok, maybe that's a lie. I love being a deadbeat. But I look forward to being busy enough to have something to complain about. That's what keeps me going.

As for resolutions? I don't really have them. I mean I have the requisite "being more healthy" that every person on earth also has (except maybe people in excellent phsysical health) but I also like to plan on doing things I know I actually will do which I think I can narrow down to two.

1) Be more adventurous with my cooking (with the loads o' cookbooks I got for Christmas, this should not be hard.

2) Take better care of my car. My car is a mess and constantly in need of a wash and overdue for an oil change. I love my Lolita*! She should not have to put up with this.

So (belatedly) Happy 2008!

*Maybe I should add stop naming and becoming attached to inanimate objects to that list. Although Monroe (our potted palm) may be pissed. But is a plant inanimate? Hmmm.


Stephanie said...

Don't worry my car (Veronica) and potted plant (Veloria) have names too. Veronica gets very sad and lonely if she is parked too far from our apartment.

Great to see you Friday night!

Randall said...

Happy new year! My new year's day consisted of my laptop, Netflix, the couch and reheated pizza - divine!

LooLoo said...

Happy new year!

I think that will be my NYR, keep up with the car and all his sassiness.

Kate said...

The ANTM marathon was so great- I recorded a bunch of episodes too so I can catch up this weekend.

Sarah said...

Thanks girls, Happy New Year!

And Steph it was so nice to hang out with you AND i am so happy to hear I am not the only one who names her plants. :-)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

What a great car name... Oh and I name my plants too.. its when you start to talk to them it becomes... well I thought i was the only one..