Wednesday, December 05, 2007

When Life Gives You Lemons, Fling Snow At Someone's Designer Handbag

Last night started off frustratingly.

I was meeting Jenny at Veronique in Brookline for the Best of Boston Beauty Event (tickets to which we were provided by the fabulous Mr. Butler). The thing is, I made the mistake of assuming that I knew how to get from Nonantum to Brookline and poo poo’d my printed out directions so it’s no surprise that I ended up completely turned around and totally thought I was heading in the right direction until all of a sudden the Pru was in front of me which gave me the inkling that I had infact gone the complete opposite direction I thought I was going in. Throw in scads of rush hour traffic and no apparent street signs for the side streets off Beacon and by the time I met Jenny at Longwood I was all out of sorts.

After some further driving shenanigans we decided to just throw my car in the garage. We waited behind a blue Volvo for the attendant as the occupants took approximately three years to get out of their car. Literally. When you are dropping off your car in a garage now is not the time to start doing your makeup while there is a line of cars forming behind you. I then noticed a sign that said leave ONLY your car key in the ignition so I set about taking my house keys of my key chain when I inadvertently set off my windshield wipers which sent a chunk of snow right onto the Louis Vuitton bag of one of the girls in front of us. Oops. I don’t suppose our hysterically laughing about it won us any friends but people- I had been stuck in rush hour Boston traffic for about an hour and was just not capable of remorse.

Once in side the gorgeous front hall of Veronique we quickly got in line at the open bar for some champagne cocktails and set about being inadvertantly inappropriate as is our wont. I beloieve Jenny said something involving the word “tits” and I was all “SHHH YOU CAN’T SAY TITS IN BROOKLINE!”. We grabbed our drinks and surveyed the room. All of the spas and salons that had won a Best of Boston title this year had set up booths around the swankly outfitted room and you could stop at each station and get a mini manicure, a mini massage, a fun updo. Our favorite spot of the night was the Sabon table where we tested out what I am pretty sure is the BEST BODY SCRUB ever made. Seriously. They invited anyone who wanted to to try it out and I think everyone who did, bought a tub of it (myself and Jenny included). It is out of this world. I used it this morning and have been sniffing my forearms all day.

The night continued as waters carried around trays of Cosmos, champagne , Pellegrino and wine as well as snazzy snacks like sweet potato sushi and guacamole scallops. The crowd was festive and the goody bag better than I expected (after the bitter disappointment of the Stylefix gift bags I have learned not to set my expectations too high). We finished out the night over burgers at the Ashmont Grill and delved into our gift bags in detail. I think my favorite item is the SO COOL light up compact from Bebe. It’s a brilliant idea.

So yes, Boston magazine throws a mean party. And my arms smell amazing. That about sums it up!


Nicky said...

You regularly have such fabulous outings! (Traffic or no, I'm so jealous.) I was in Boston last night, but for class. As I will be tonight. I have no time for fun. I want your social life...sigh.

Jenny said...

Your entry is far better than mine ... that I wrote while still hungover.

But for the record, I yelled "tits" in the parking garage, and "f*ck" while in line at the bar.

I am so classy.

Jenn said...

OK also you ladies apparently got the last of that scrub because IT'S ALL SOLD OUT on their website.

Rude! ;)

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

It sounds like you had tons of fun and I'm completely jealous. I ate Campbell's tomato soup in a microwavable bowl whil watching dvr'd Nip/Tuck and Oprah. I miss having a social life.

C'tina said... Just what you need for Christmas...don't go for anything less...or at least make sure whatever you get let's you operate the gps while driving...some make you pull over and stop....

Sarah said...

but C'tina then what will I blog about?

"Yesterday I went to a party and had no trouble getting there. I knew exactly where I was going and arrived on time. The end".

That's no fun! :-p