Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Party Girl

This past Saturday was our annual Holiday Soiree.

Preparations begain in early November when I sent out invitations. I like to snag people early because you know holiday social calenders fill up so quickly!

Once we had all the RSVP's back in late November I set about putting together a party menu. I trolled through my usual go-to recipe sites and made a list of what appealed to me and then consulted with Adam to see which ones he thought would be good and together we ended up with this menu of treats for the party

Fruit Pate served with crackers

Creamy Goat Cheese Ornaments served with french bread and crackers.

Blue Cheese on Baguettes with Drizzled Honey
Assorted Italian Christmas cookies from a local bakery
and without a doubt the STAR of the party: Champagne Punch

If you are sensing a cheese theme here, you are correct. I think we have established previously that I love cheese and force it upon everyone I know. In any case, everything seemed to go over really well especially the cocktail sausages and the blue cheese baguette slices which was funny since last year I couldnt PAY people to eat the blue cheese. I guess drizzzling honey on it makes it more palatable (and distinctly less stinky). Also it's probable that people needed whatever carbs they could get their hands on to soak up the demon punch. Which was so DELICIOUS. oh. God. We ran out about after about an hour and a half and Adam ran out to get more champagne so I could make more and we ran out of THAT within an hour. So the lesson here is when your friends (and you!) are booze hounds and you are serving champagne punch, save yourself some trouble and go ahead and buy a case of champagne before hand.
We held our annual Secret Santa which was fun as always and cause for mania (we LOVE us some Secret Santa). I had my friend Chris and totally copped out and got him a gift certificate to a local Indian restaurant. Jenny had me and got me the most GORGEOUS pitcher that I can't wait to fill with new punch recipes I am currently researching.
I love you, pretty pitcher
In addition to the Secret Santa shenangians I also held a few drawings throughout the night. I like to get a few small gifts (like a box of belgian chocolates, a cool candle), wrap them and put them under the tree and then have my guests write their names on pieces of paper to do random drawings throughout the night. Everyone loves a prize and I thought it would be good for the people not doing Secret Santa to feel like they can still get in on the gift action.
The party went on until the wee small hours of the morning and best of all? My friends are so neat that cleanup was a breeze. What's better than that?
So all in all, the party was a big success and reaffirmed my love for my friends and for throwing parties. Thanks to everyone who came and if I ever get around to uploading what few photos I took I will direct you to them.
I have a Hot Toddy Tasting party in the planning stages for January so look forward to the posting of various recipes I find for that. I know you are on the edge of your seat!


Anonymous said...

sarah, you are like the party-host-queen. all your parties sound so well planned and fun, once more i wish i was in the area to just RSVP and come to one (even uninvited) ! :) happy holidays!

Sarah said...

Kim you are always invited to my parties. In fact if you came to Boston I would THROW you a party. My friends love Germans!

Nicky said...

Thanks for having us on Saturday. As always, it was a blast. I completely missed out on the punch, but I definitely ate a pile of those blue cheese things. Yum!!!

Sarah said...

i'm so glad you guys came. and i am psyched for christmas eve eve!

Melissa said...

Your party posts never cease to amaze me! You're always making such awesome things and you seem like the best hostess ever!

Anonymous said...

man, an original pink-shoe-party and ME being the attraction? i'm having an anxiety attack just thinking about that. but in a good way. i'll keep dreaming and then let you know soon enough before i come ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm sad to say i didn't try any of your food, but it was so cheesy that my insides were thinking of falling out. however, the punch was DELISH! you did a splendid job, thanks so much! i can't wait for next year! <3 danielle

AmyD said...

The party sounds wonderful! I wish I had 25% of your penchant (and follow-through!) for party-throwing. In theory, I LOVE to throw a good party. In reality, I'm lazy and procrastinate too much to get one in the works other that a last minute effort. *sigh* Perhaps this should be my new year's resolution? ;o)

Happy holidays!

Britt said...

I'd be happy to eat cheese appetizers...yum. Sounds like a fun partay.