Saturday, November 03, 2007

HOLLAween Party


Well here we are, the first Saturday of NaBloPoMo and it finds me clad in a wig, horns, tiara and wings sipping a vodka rocks while Adam takes a disco nap so we can head out for a costume party at Caity's fabulous pad in the city in a few hours.

Good times.

Evil fairy in the house! Alternatively titled "I Waited Until November 2 To Buy a Costume and It Was Either This Or "Uncle Sam".

Check out my fly wings

And I am not just any evil fairy...I am an evil fairy who makes pumpkin hummus!

And pumpkin shaped pita chips!

So although it is a few days late Adam (who is dressing up as a hockey player! shocking!) and I intend to have a grand time tonight despite the hurricane like conditions because you know what? Being a New Englander means you don't NOT go out because the weather is bad, you just stay out longer in the hopes it all blows over.

Party pictures to follow tomorrow.


Lys said...

What do you mean "hurricane conditions"? What's goin' on up there.

Have a great time! Love the costume and pumpkin HUMMUS????

Me said...

You look HOT! :) Awesome.

And kudos to Adam for creativity.