Friday, October 12, 2007

Starting Friday Off Right

First I woke up late, which in and of itself is not remarkable since I wake up late a few times a month. Here is the cardinal rule of waking up late though, if you have my commute. If you can still manage leave the house before 7AM, then you are fine. If you have to wait until after 7AM though, even if it’s only a few minutes after 7AM, you may as well prepare yourself for being late for work because the driving population after 7AM is vastly different from the driving population before 7AM.

For one thing there are a lot more people on the road and with more people on the road comes more jerks on the road.

Case in point, I was driving along the expressway towards the city and had to get into the left lane to make my exit onto the Pike. There was a glass company van in the left lane right next to me that for whatever reason did not want me in his lane. When I sped up to try and pass him he sped up, when I slowed down to get behind him he too slowed down effectively trapping me in a lane I did not want to be in. So when I was FINALLY able to get over mere seconds from my exit I did so quickly and heaved a sigh of relief.

Then I realized I had gotten off at the wrong exit – the Mass Ave exit, instead of the Pike exit.


I quickly decided that just getting onto Mass Ave and driving to Copley to get on the Pike would be more efficient that turning around to get on 93 South, then back around to go back North. Of course when I was stuck on Mass Ave for twenty minutes I was ruing this decision but what are you gonna do?

At one point I got stuck behind a double parked truck and went to swing around him when a man darted out from in front of the truck and into my lane, causing me to slam on my brakes. This man then started kicking the front of my car screaming about pedestrians having the right of way. I get it dude, but you aren’t on a crosswalk and darting out into traffic from in front of a huge parked truck where no oncoming driver can see you is kind of a dick move, and you should be thankful I have such quick reflexes. Meanwhile did I mention this guy had flip flops on? So I think his little tantrum hurt him more than it hurt me.

I eventually made it to work and, through some kind of wrinkle in time, was actually 1 minute early. Not only that but there was one Asiago bagel left in the kitchen almost like a little reward for my terrible morning.

So maybe it wasn’t the best way to start the day but hey, things can only get better right?




Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

Woo hoo... one minute to spare and an asiago bagel...what more could a girl ask for?

Anonymous said...

hey sweet thing. i will be in the tree probably monday or tuesday night to say happy bday to my daddio. we should figure something out, maybe i can swing by beforehand and say hi! i'd swing by after, but my dad usually drives me back to the city, which is so much better than the T. <3 danielle

MarisaJosephine said...

who the hell would put flip flops on this morning. that guy is a frickin idiot. i see all kinds here at my job in jamaica plain...they run into the crosswalk...then you slam on brakes... then they stroll soo slow you feel like you are watching a slowski comcast commercial....ha ha

happy friday
asiago bagel sounds yum


Nicky said...

Oh man, I can't even TELL you how much more I sympathize with this story now that I'm driving into Boston 2x a week. Double parking on Beacon St. is the bane of my existance. I hate all idiot pedestrians, bicyclists, and pretty much everyone else on the road. Ugh.
If it makes you feel better, you're not the only one who was running late this morning. PJ and I were at the Gogol Bordello show at the Roxy last night. I'm deaf as a post this morning (making me take the idea of permanant hearing damage quite a bit more seriously) and didn't hear my alarm go off. I woke up at the time I usually aim to leave the house. I was half an hour late getting to work. Not the best way to start used your wrinkle in time this morning!

Anonymous said...

Did you give the jerkoff pedestrian a saracastic thumbs up? :)

Amanda* said... the 6 months since I came back to work after being in the hospital I have been late more than I have been on time.

Here's to the rest of Friday being fabulous (in spite of the crap weather--is it as cold and rainy in Boston as it is in Worcester? blech)!!!

Melissa said...

So true about the people driveing after 7AM. I noticed that when I had my horrendous commute last year!

San said...

I think you did pretty well... regarding the circumstances ;)

hello sunshine! said...

RIGHT! Asiago bagels make everything better :)

A said...

Asiago bagels are my FAVE. And commuting? Sucks. I feel ya on the "one minute after" a certain time. If I left ONE MINUTE after 6:45 (for my commute for my last job), I was screwed. Utterly and comeletely screwed. And tell that dude not to kick cars in flip flops. It hurts.

Nicky said...

My last sentance got garbled together. I was trying to say - Not the best way to start off a Friday. I could've used your wrinkle in time this morning. Apparently, I can't speak English today either. LOL.

LooLoo said...

Asiago bagel = heaven

Lys said...

You were definitely rewarded for putting up with assholy driver.. grrrrr... Asiago bagels make everything better, imo. I am on time or early for mostly everything BUT work. Why, dunno...

Ladybug's Picnic said...

HAHHAAH @ Marisa re: the Slowsky commercials!

But seriously the dude kicked your car? Dumbass.