Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random (yet Deep) Thoughts

* Hair elastics are the safety blanket of curly headed girls. Seriously - if you are wearing your hair down in public don't you always make sure you have a hair elastic on you? What's worse than having your hair all curly in your face and having NO hair elastic. I will tell you - I have used rubber bands before even though I know that means later I will be cutting it out of my hair. It is worth it to prevent the panic attack that ensues from having NO hair elastic.

* If I wear heels for a few days and then one day wear flats, I always feel like I am walking like a duck for the first few hours in flats. Quack!

*I am a little obsessed with the
Glade Wisp Flameless Candle
It looks like a candle and smells like a candle and emits flickering light like a candle but has NO FLAME! It's magic. I love it. Perfect for Miss Forgets To Blow Candles Out Before Leaving The House over here.

* Whoever invented the concept of CVS Customers Extra Care coupons is a total genius. I got a $10 off any $50 purchase coupon yesterday with my reciept and even though I had just finished my shopping, I immediately set to making a list of things I need ("need" meaning, "could potentially use") so I can use that coupon as soon as possible.

* It totally feels like a Thursday today. And speaking of Thursday, Jenny and I will be at Stylefixx tomorrow evening for a night of shopping and (free!) cocktails so if you are there and see us - stop and enjoy some wine in a can with us.


Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

As a curly girl myself I am totally all about carrying around the hair elastics. When I'm carrying around my everyday purse I carry an entire sleeve of the Goody ouchless ones. I am obsessed. God help me though if I'm out without a hair tie. What would happen if the wind picked up or humidity happened and I didn't have an elastic?! I would totally freak out.

AliRose said...

Ok, you are so incredibly right about the hair elastic as a safety net thing - - I have been close to panic attacks at work for lack of a hair elastic. This usually happens soemtime between 9:30 and 11:00, when the frizz somehow takes over. I've resorted to rubber bands as well, and while a bit trickier, pens and pencils. I don't care if the elastic band on my wrist looks tacky if it keeps the anxiety attacks away.

Nicky said...

Curly-haired girls unite! I too have felt a little panic at work as I realized I left my elastics at home. (Goody ouchless all the way, PPP!) To my shame, I have even left the office with a rubber band in my hair. I can't even go to bed unless I have a scrunchie. And lip balm. But that's another story.
I used to loooove the CVS bucks too, Sarah! I'd find a reason to go back a day or two later and spend 'em. My drug store addiction came to a forced end when I got my current job. Which is not within walking distance of a CVS like my last job. That was a dangerous set-up. LOL.

RED said...

As a fellow curly girl, I am ALWAYS with a hair tie. It's either in my hair or on my wrist, always, always. I use the same one (sometimes for months!) until it eventually breaks. Always black, always 'ouchless'.
God bless hair ties! Go on Curly girl!

Katy said...

I just recently chopped off my longish, curly hair. I still have hair elastics EVERYWHERE - every pocket and zippered pouch in my purse, in my glove box, in my husband's glove box and on the gear shift. I also tend to keep smaller claws in the car as well for those short hair times.

I'm also digging those CVS rebates. I'm thinking it's about time that I transfer those prescriptions over as well.

Meg said...

I assure you, it's not just curly-haired gals. I think it's big-haired gals. I never leave home without a hair tie. Or five or eight. I just don't want to be caught without one. Which is why I also have them stashed all over the place.