Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pedo Pedo Pedo Pedo Pedo Pedometer*

I’m in love with a pedo.

The pedo of which I speak is not the sort which must register with the state when they move, but rather the type that is clipped to my waistband and tracks how many steps I take in a day.

A pedometer!!

I joined a club at work, specifically an I Hate Working Out club which seeks to squeeze exercise out of every day activities like walking to the mailbox, looking for supplies in the back of the building, scurrying around looking for the office Notary who is nowhere to be found.

The club works like this: walk 10,000 steps a day (which, depending on your stride is usually a few miles), and on Day 1 of the program do 1 sit up, 1 push up, and 1 jumping jack . Then on day two do 2 sit ups, 2 push ups, and 2 jumping jacks. And of course doing the daily 10,000 steps. It doesn’t seem like much now, but ask me again on day 50 or day 100.

It's a good deal for someone like me, who drives to and from work and usually doesn't get a chance for real activity during the work day.

Anyway back to the pedo. I am a little obsessed.

Did you know there are 195 steps between my desk and the kitchen

And only 15 steps between my desk and the front desk?

Stay tuned to find out how many steps it is from my desk to the MAILBOX.

This is pretty exciting times over here. Almost, dare I say, as exciting as the Activia Challenge.

Behold: I am your Grandma.

**UPDATE** - It's 5PM and I'm about to leave work - at 5,305 steps I am only about halfway there! This is harder than I thought because that number includes a mile walk I took at lunch time. Looks like I have to start using the printer on the other side of the office! Hopefully food shopping ad running errands tonight gets me a lot closer to that 10K!

*to be sung like "Karma Chameleon"


Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

I have yet to find a pedometer I like. Can you tell me what brand/model you have?

Sarah said...

Of course! Mine is the Sportline Step and Distance Pedometer for Fitness Walking. It comes with a 10,000 step program guide which makes it perf for this club!

Caitlin said...

Sarah! Long time no see (long time no...type?).
Get out of my head, girl. I have been wanting to get a pedo pedo pedo pedometer and can't find one anywhere. Where did you buy yours??

Sarah said...

hey girl!! i was thinking about you last week because as you may have read BLOGTOBERFEST is upon us again! you better go. As for the pedo I actually got mine for free for joining the club. If I find out where it's from though I will let you know!

Jenny said...

Hilarious. I eat Activa cottage cheese too, but the ones with the fruit mixed in, so I don't think I'm eligible for the Challenge. Sad.

I should get a pedometer, considering I walk to/from the T every day for work. Oh, I now have Karma Chameleon stuck in my head.

I am tempted to do your 1 push up, 1 sit up, 1 jumping jack exercise though.

Congrats & good luck!

P.S. Are you going to the next Girls' Night Out?

Sass said...

Looks like someone wants to get in to the healt train, good for you!!!

Just A Girl said...

That's a really good idea. I think maybe the Bundy's will join...or at least one of us.

Sarah said...

yeah bundys!!!! the more the merrier!

Holly said...

good luck! i also drive to work, and used to do very little in the way of incidental exercise. i sucked it up and joined a gym, but it sounds like your way might be better. i hope it works out- keep us updated!

Alisa said...

I really should reconnect with my pedometer. I don't have a clue where I put it. It might involve cleaning out my closets to find it. That should totally count as exercise right?

Libby said...

Sarah, I will lend you my dog for the day. He's guaranteed to increase a person's step-count by thousands.

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

Caitlin I found the Sportline Pedometers online.

Anonymous said...

I coordinate a walking program for my town - did you know that you can calculate how many steps you need to take to burn off your favorite food? 20 steps = 1 calorie burned. Multiply the calorie content of your fav food (don't forget to look at serving sizes) by 20 and that is how many steps you need to take. Makes you think twice about certain foods...