Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lucite My Fire

There was a time in my life when I thought an appropriate "going out" ensemble was a snakeskin tube dress. My friend Jill and I would hit the town (that town being Providence) swathed in the finest pleather Deb could provide and we felt that we were the shizz. We were around 19 and 20 years old, a time in our life before we could legally drink but could still manage to get in quite a bit of trouble. Forget the roaring twenties. This was the advent of the whoring twenties.

In any case, during this time in my life, there came a day when my friend Jenn brought me to a clothing store called Bob's for the first time. Now you may now them as a clothing store that sells a ton of Red Sox gear (that is about all I know of them now), but at that time they also sold a great selection of cheap, trampy looking shoes.

Perfect for someone for whom furriness and sparkles were deal-makers when it came to choosing an shirt.

Anyway, it was in that establishment that I came across a pair of shoes on sale and since they were $10 I bought them. They had the following quaities

*3+ inch chunky clear lucite heel
*wide clear plastic strap across the top of the foot
*rhinestone stripes wavering across this plastic strap
* a silver sole

Now, when I got home, I tried them on, and ultinately decided they were too trampy to wear.

Me, a person who did not shy away from vinyl mini skirts, who used to draw swirlies on my arm with clear nail polish and sprinkle glitter on it, and who thought the more BRIGHT WHITE eyeshadow the better, believed THESE shoes to be too slutty.

Why am I bringing them up?

Because of these,



And These.

I know style is personal, and for each shoe I find terrible someone else is looking at my shoe choices and rolling their eyes.

But this super high heeled lucite and silver look?

Not even good enough for glitter-wearing, pleather-clad college girls clubbing in Providence.

And you KNOW that's rough.


Libby said...

Okay, I'm only going to admit this once, and then I'll deny it forever after: When I was 19 I worked at Deb for a brief period of time, for the discount! Jay-sus, those shoes are something else!

Sarah said...

haha i can't say anything since unfortunately i worked at contempo casuals my senior year in high school!

Nicky said...

Oh Lord! And just when I'm on a new Quest For The Perfect Silver Honeymoon Shoe. Though, anything involving a swatch of plastic is enough to turn me away, so I might be safe.
I'm surprised you guys didn't discover The Hoochie Stores in downtown Providence. My college BFF and I used to go down there whenever we could. You know, to browse through the stripper clothes and hear women say things to one another like, "Hold my baby!" as they tried on a rhinestoned tube top the size of a headband. For my college graduation, I actually bought a pair of 4 inch chunky tiger print platform heels. And wore them. It's true. But you should've seen the rest of my graduation outfit. I sewed it myself. (I went to art school after all.) I looked like a 1950's housewife got tossed into the land of the Jetsons where she then joined the circus. My BFF? Dressed like a pineapple. LOL.

E said...

HAHAHA who DIDN'T draw swirlies on their arm with clear nailpolish and sprinkle glitter on them? I mean we were at ZANZIBAR, come on.

I spent a lot of time shopping Bobs in my 20's. A lot.

Sarah said...

nick- had I known about those hoochie stores, it might have been a whole other ballgame. As it were we never went to Providence before 10PM :-P also, there are tons of cute silver shoes out there that don't involve plastic, or the option of dancing around a pole. i'm going to myspace you some ideas.

kate.d. said...

oh dear. plastic + shoes = problems, indeed. (though i agree on the silver can be very nice point.)

and you're right about the "different strokes, different folks" aspect of shoes. (except crocs. crocs are the devil, period.) for instance, i am all "woe is me!" this season, because i do not personally like peep toes, patent leather, or espadrilles. this apparently means i will not be buying a new pair of shoes for at least six months, as it seems like that's all i see!


Anonymous said...

in our household, they are affectionately known as stripper shoes!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Oh MAN if I could only tell you my fashion sense back in the day...thank God for good friends and Vogue!

Sarah said...

ha! I'm glad I'm not alone!