Sunday, November 19, 2006

You knew we couldn't get through NaBloPoMo without at least ONE drunk posting, right?

Anyway, yesterday was quite the busy day/night. I craft-faired with Jenny from 9AM until 2 (which, while not so much a financial success was still fun AND a learning experience), went home and picked up Adam and we went to the Plain Street Open Studios to see my dad's new stuff, take in some local art and drink a lot of wine. I bought a gorgeous pair of Peruvian gold earrings, and put myself on the guest list for one of my favorite artist's exhibition party in Braintree next month. Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper has the studio across from my dad's for the past few years and I have been a fan of her paintings for about that long as well, especially her Veiled Precense series.

It's also her painting that serves as the colorful imagery in the First Night logo this year

She has an exhibition at Thayer Academy in Braintree until December 15th, so if you are around that area you should go and check her out.

Anywho, back to our busy day. We stayed at the studio with my parents until around 6 and then headed over to one of our new favorite restaurants, Abington Ale House for dinner. Followed by drinks at Vin & Eddie's. We pretty much only went to Vin & Eddie's because I remembered that I am somehow related to the owner. It is not the best idea though to expect free drinks just because you tell the owner "Hey, I think I am related to you" when you in fact have no recollection of how exactly that may be true. (After a call to my parents I confirmed that my grandpa's cousin USED to own it. Oh well, close enough!).

From there, after a call from Andy, we decided to head to the Common Market in Milton for karaoke. When we stopped at 7-11 to get cigarettes on the way there to pick up some cigs, I was doubting my stamina having had a busy day/afternoon/evening. So I picked up a small bottle of something called 5-Hour Energy that they were selling next to the cash register and made Adam split it with me. We both felt really lightheaded and giddy for about 2 minutes which was fun and then nothing. Of course on the way home a few hours later we had to stop and get more to try it again but this time no lightheaded giddiness ensued. Mildly dissapointing, I must say. And then of course we couldn't sleep when we got home. AT ALL. Which is why buying a drug just because it 1) seems weird and 2) is selling at the front counter of 7-11 is not always the best plan.

Live and learn.

Plans for today include doing nothing, lying around, watching lifetime movies, and then pulling it together to go to Jeanne's birthday dinner tonight.

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