Saturday, November 25, 2006

Today was such a gorgeous day, Adam and I woke up and thought "We must do something to take advantage of this weather". What would we do? Go for a walk at Pond Meadow? Maybe a bike ride along Houghs Neck?

How about drive to Rockland and spend some time booze-shopping at Luke's Liquor Warehouse?

That sounds about our speed!

We went in search of a birthday gift for my cousin, whose karaoke birthday party is tonight, and some treats for ourselves as well. Since I know 'tis better to give than recieve I went in search of Anna's present first and made a beeline for this section

But you know some people are not into boxed wine so luckily I found these babies nearby

For those who can't handle wine in a box, surely wine in a can is more their speed. Isn't that the most dissapointing aspect of wine - the lack of that aluminum can-snap you get from opening a can of beer? I know I have always thought so.

Alas in the end I went with a pretty bottle of sparkling Pinor Noir for her, and a bottle of the new Beaujolais for myself. Adam had a tough time deciding on his treats

He ended with the Sam Adams Winter Sampler Pack and some Triple Bock. Although the massive cans of Labatt were calling his name.

I lingered in the Asian Beer section a little too long because for me, it is all about presentation and I have never seen a cuter bottle of beer than Hitachino

They even had a pink one! IT MATCHED MY OUTFIT! How could I say no?

So as you can see, Luke's Liquor Warehouse has alot

A lot

I meam a WHOLE lot

of liquor. I mean it IS a called the Supermarket of liquor stores. Located on Rt 123 in Rockland, it is definitely worth the trip, they have hundreds of beer, wine and liquor from around the world, fabulous gift sets for yankee swaps/holiday parties and everything is reasonably priced.

Not that we spent ALL day there (althought we certainly could have). We spent the remainder of the afternoon taking a scenic drive through Norwell, Cohasset and Hull, driving along the ocean and enjoying the weather before ending up at The Snug in Hingham Center for some hot sandwiches and pints of Harpoon Winter Warmer.

All in all a great way to spend the day!


ka-rista said...

liquor outlet=heaven, that is all!

Anonymous said...

Mmm - lots of liquor, a drive along the ocean, and a pub lunch. :) I agree - sounds lovely!

e$ said...

Hitachino is the best!! They serve it in equally adorable glasses at the Other Side Cafe - I'm planning to steal one someday.

Anonymous said...

Now that looks like a good time!

Sarah said...

i've technically never had hitachino but i am trying it soon. that owl cannot be resisted.

Kimberly said...

Who knew it could be that fun!