Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Last night I had an ephiphany in the shoe department of T.J. Maxx.

(Truth be told most of my epiphanies happen in shoe departments, but thats' neither here nor there)

Anyway, I had gone to T.J. Maxx in a feeble effort to find something to wear to my company's holiday party this Saturday. I had literally already worn every dress I own to work, or a work related event, and was in the mood for something new. I had already been to Macy's and Bloomingdales and hadn't really found anything that was cute, classic, versatile enough to wear to an array of different kinds of events, and in my price range. So of to TJ's I went. I figured that while I probably would not find a dress, I could peruse the home goods for some marked down Lenox and it would not be a total loss.

Of course, when one goes into a shopping situation with low hopes, one is always pleasantly surprised (just as when one goes into a store KNOWING they will find what they are looking for, they are pretty much guaranteed tragic dissapointment).

To my shock, I found SEVERAL dresses all in my size, in the style I was looking for (little black dress). I didn't look at any price tags until I had decided on The One (knee length black sleeveless, semi-low cut (not sluttily so) with a banded waist and ruffles around the neckline). As I turned the price tag over, I was SHOCKED to see the price. Marked down from 129.99.

To $15.00!!!!!!

Of course after this shopping high, I couldn't quit now so I headed over to the shoe section. Like most addicts, I am always in search of my next, more exciting high. Now, here is the thing with me and dressy shoes. I feel that since Adam is only an inch and a half taller than I am, I have to wear low heeled shoes. Of course he doesn't care about my shoe heel height and has told me repeatedly but it's a bugabooo I have about not wanting to tower over my date. Lame, I know but it's always held me back from the shoes I really, really want.

And further more. I really feel that at last year's company party I marmed it up. It was my first party, and I was unsure how to dress so I went with a black twinset and blue and black sparkly skirt and black low heeled pumps. Cute, but utterly sedate. Especially since half the women were in cocktail dresses.

So I walked up and down the shoe aisles, clutching a pair sedate, black and silver two strapped sandald with a 1/5 inch heel, and thinking that was a perfectly reasonable outfit: the black dress with these sandals and some silver jewelry.

Suddenly, I saw them. Glitterting. Impossibly High. Strappy. Inappropraite.


These gold Nina sandals called out to me. I put my sedate black sandals down and cautiously slipped into the Ninas. They fit PERFECTLY. I sashayed down to a mirror and saw that they were in fact, super hot.

But they make about a 1/2 inch over 6 feet tall.

I faltered. Do I want to be super tall at my company party, in all the pictures? Do I want to dwarf Adam all night? Am I willing to risk almost certain ankle injury?

One more glance in the mirror told me. Oh Hell Yes.

So I shall be glamazon-ing it up this Saturday with my coworkers. If i can just find my gold clutch and borrow my mom's fabulous gold and diamond earrings then I will be, literally, golden.


clipper829 said...

Fabulous! Aaron's holiday party is in a few weeks and I have literally no clue what I'm going to wear. I was pregnant last year and marmed it up the 3 years previous so I would like to wear something fab.

As an aside - I know you are a fan of the wrap dress - check this out. Old Navy, who knew?

Anonymous said...

AWESOME Shoes girl!

Sarah said...

erin: my god! when i go in there i never even SEE dresses. much less fun wrap-type ones.

thanks fab!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous shoes, Sarah! I have the same issue with Nick, he's 4 inches taller than me and most of my dressy heels are 3+ inches. I kept apologizing for it, until he said, "Babe, you're actually the shortest girl I've ever dated." Well, that's nice, but harumph for bringing up ex-girlfriends. ;)

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing; good for you for glamming it up. Its the holidays!
(great for Adam for not caring, some guys are such idiots about stuff like that)

kim said...

i cannot wait to see pictures of the whole outfit. the shoes look fabulous. just watch your step and don't break an ankle. maybe bring back-up shoes? i hate when fun parties go bad because of my feet hurting. hence i'm the one with the extra pair of (flat and comfy) shoes at weddings and such ;)

Sarah said...

stacey - thanks! and it's awesome that he doesn't care about you wearing your sassy high heels.

suz - adam is the bomb, as long as i am happy he is happy (because when i am not happy i make everyone else miserable, ha!)

kim - i do that too! at weddings I try and have flip flops in the car just in case. for this party it is open bar so i assume by the time i hit the dance floor i will be barefoot and beligerent anyway. woo hoo!

Sparky said...

Where are the pics of the dress? I never find good shoes at TJ Maxx.. I don't know how you do it.

Sarah said...

80% of the time i find nothing. but i mean if you go to a store once a week or more you are bound to find something eventually. law of averages!

i tried to take a pic of the dress but it did not work out! this is the best i got

i will definitely take a better one this weekend.

Lys said...

WOW! The dress looks very classic and the sandals - va-va-voom!!!

Nicky said...

As a fellow tall gal, I too was absolutely dead set against towering over my boyfriends. One month in France changed all of that. A girl in my class was 6 feet tall in her bare feet. (Half Italian, half Middle Eastern and gorgeous.) And the woman had absolutely no qualms at all about strapping on 4 inch platform heels. She WORKED it. To Frenchmen, she was a virtual goddess throughout the streets of Paris. That changed my mind real quick about heels.
Through our whole relationship, poor PJ has dealt with me towering over him whenever we go out. I have gotten used to it. I'm even surprised to find when we get home, that he's actually an inch taller than me in stocking feet.
The only time I'm giving up the heels is on our wedding day. I do not want to look like Attack of the 50 Foot Bride.
Work those gold sandals, girl!!!

Anonymous said...

if the manolo says it, it must be true:

"It has been the experience of the Manolo that too many of the tall girls worry that if they wear the heels they shall appear freakish, and will not be able to attract the mens, who they believe are intimidated by their Amazonian stature. And so these beautiful girls spend their lives slumping their shoulders, slouching around in the flats trying to look shorter.

Bah! The Manolo would have none of this!"

Anonymous said...

I LOVE successful shopping trips, especially when you find a great deal! yay!

Nicky said...

Oh The Manolo, if only you were around when I was younger...You could've saved me from the atrocious posture I have today!!!
I've actively been trying to stand straight lately. I heard that after years of slumping, your muscles actually constrict and you need to work to get them to lengthen out again. )o:

kerrianne said...

TJ MAXX is one of those places that I can't visit more than once a month, because oh, the money I will spend. Awesome steal, those. : )