Monday, October 02, 2006

A wise person once told me that the qualities you dislike in other people, are usually qualities you yourself posess at least to some degree. The person who told me this was so wise, that I do not remember at all who he or she is. But I do agree with that statement.

I tend to be a bit of a hypocrite. I get mad when people don’t send thank you notes and yet I am not the best about sending thank you notes myself. I am not a fan of the obligatory “How are you?” to strangers and yet I do it ALL THE TIME. I don’t like when people flake out on plans at the last minute, and yet if it wasn’t for Adam forcing me to go out I would be the worst flaker of all.

I could probably go on all day. But I won’t.

I will say though that I just committed the ultimate of hypocritical acts. The thing that most annoys me, I have now done and for no reason other than I FELT LIKE IT.

I have become my own worst enemy.

I am She Who Takes the Elevator up ONE Floor. And waits 5 minutes for it to come to her rather than just walking up the one measly flight of stairs directly next to the elevator.

For a brief moment, I was so ashamed that I pretended to be fiddling with my cell phone so if anyone saw me waiting for the elevator, I could pretend I was in fact absorbed in some other activity and just happened to be doing so in the elevator’s vicinity.

I remember when I was in school at Umass, I lived on the 18th floor of one of the towers and I would get SO MAD when someone would get on at like floor 10 only to get off at floor 11. It seemed like such a waste of time. So useless too since waiting for the elevator took longer than simply walking the short flight up a floor.

Oh and did I mention I was only going up one floor because my office is on the first floor and the vending machine on the second floor is the only one that sells Sprite Zero? It is perhaps the ultimate lazy act. Taking an elevator up one flight just to get to a vending machine.

This was my first time taking the elevator, in my 2 years working here. And I would like to say this was a one time occurance...but have to say that now that I have broken the elevator seal? I will probably be riding that shizz all the time.

Sprite Zero is so good, by the way.


Caity said...

I'll be there... hopefully not sitting alone in a corner somewhere. I've been blogging for over two years but only reading other peoples' blogs and having them read mine for the past few months. At least I know you and Jenny in real life! :)

honeykbee said...

I agree with your/her theory; I'm completely intolerant of the intolerant.

san said...

you definitely have a point here... it's all so true.

also, you're cracking me up!