Monday, October 16, 2006

My funny is on the fritz.

Seriously. Usually I think I am a pretty funny gal. I see humor in things, I make humor, I participate in other people's humor. I can crack a joke with the best of them.

But today? Not so much. When I try to be sarcastic it comes out MEAN (and not mean-funny like "Uh, clearly I'm mad at you" when someone tells you they accidentally threw out your coffee but like straight up MEAN like "way to respect other people's property,ass" ), and I have pretty much completely lost the ability to make jokes about everyday mundane things. It's all about "Yeah, so how about that stapler. It is black" in this piece.

Seriously, this is my idea of a joke today.

VP at my company who intimidates the shizz out of me: Did you see this? (waving an envelope he had recieved from The Foxy Lady (a strip club), with free passes inside and info on corporate accounts)
Me: Yeah, haha! We should totally have our next company meeting there.

Do you pity me? You should.


I blame lack of sleep. Saturday I was up until around 3:30AM and woke up at the ungodly hour of SEVEN AM and was wide the fuck awake. I got up and did dishes, that is how awake I was. And then last night I figured I would go to bed around 8ish to make up for it and instead I was wide the fuck awake until almost midnight and woke up at 5AM and was, you guessed it, wide the fuck awake.

How can I be expect to be funny under these circumstances. Or even mildly entertaining?

Check back with me after lunch.


san said...

i call them the "not so funny" days... and they will sure pass ;)

AmyD said...

Maybe you didn't really NEED that coffee that got accidentally thrown out, anyway?... ;o)

Go shopping and wear yourself out tonight before you go to bed. That always helps me get my sleep AND rejuvenates my sense of humor. Ha!

Oh, and I thought the "way to respect other people's property, ass" comment was WAY funny. You haven't lost it, my dear. I promise. Tee hee!

Sarah said...

thanks ladies!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the comment about respecting people's property is funny (not mean) because it was totally called for! I agree with the strategy of shopping to exhaust yourself so that you might get a good night's sleep tonight.

Me said...

So, are you saying they are NOT considering doing the company party there?

What a pity. ;)

Jenny said...

Since when are inappropriate stripper jokes in the workplace not funny?

Maybe you just need to update your resume.

Anonymous said...

sarah, i think you're always funny.
you're friend,

Anonymous said...


man, i'm tired.

alisa said...

I've got the rest of a bottle of Ambien you can have. You might sleep eat but it's a small price to pay right?

Sparky said...

I think that just by admitting you lost your funny got it back for you. Your post made me laugh! Just think of everyday as an episode of Seinfeld--they made "nothing" funny!

Why was the VP waving strip club passes in your face anyway?

Sarah said...

ha!! the ambien thing i never understood. how could those people seriously not realize until they gained 50 lbs? it blows my mind.

and sparky, when i am in a certain mood,nothing certainly IS funny! :-P