Friday, September 22, 2006

In case the crisp bite in the air, and the warm hue-ing of all the trees in these parts hasn't given you a hint, tomorrow is the first day of fall!

This makes me happy for a myraid of reasons. I love the weather (hello endless good hair days), I love pumpkin scented and flavored things, I love the color of the leaves (especially since my landlord does all the raking). MOST of all I love the fall holidays, particularly HALLOWEEN.

Halloween has been my favorite day of the year for as long as I can remember. I was always dead set on what costume I wanted by, like, August. If not February. In my youth I was a cat, She-Ra, a "punk" which meant wearing a lot of neon and what I now realize was essentially a mullet wig made out of tinsel (remember those!?). I thought I was the shizz though.

And I still get a little too excited about dressing up. Even though I am 26, there seems to be no end to the costumes in sight! Let's take a glance at recent history.

Last year I was a ladybug
2004 I was A Greek Goddess (sparkly white toga, ivy head-wreath, gold body paint
2003 = Jennifer North from Valley of the Dolls (and my two girlfriends were Neely and Anne)
2002= vampire
2001 = French Maid (SO not proud. but I think most girls have to have at least one skank costume in their lifetime)
2000= a Demon (this was a copout, I wore all black and purple sparkle horns)
1999 = a Tiger (and my friend Kelly was a Leopard)
1998 = a Devil (and my friend Annie was an Angel)
1997 = Ginger Spice from Spice Girls (don't hate!)

So you can see, I get a little into it. And this year is NO different. I have been brainstorming all month and finally decided on a costime for this year.


aka Lady/Monster with snakes for hair who can turn you to stone if you look at her.

Actually I should thank Adam for the inspiration, since he calls me his Medusa in the morning because my hair, left to its' own devices overnight, can be pretty crazy. Snake like, apparently.

I already found the dress I want, it's actually part of a "Medusa" costume but for some reason the headpiece has NO snakes on it. So i will be coming up with my own snake style for that aspect of the costume.

I am psyched.

So, what are YOU going to be?


ka-rista said...

I bought an expensive real dirndl from ebay last year. Si I’m being the St. Paulie girl (or swiss miss girl) again, And Matt? He’s wearing a lederhosen, because I said so.

Bianca Roland said...

I want so badly to go to a Halloween party this year. Last year the most I did was wear a pair of devil horns to work.

Sarah said...

krista - that is amazing! matt is a NICE boy. where does one even get lederhosen?

bianca - i love halloween parties, i am hoping that this year there are at least a FEW good ones.

MarisaJosephine said...

i was medusa like three years ago
that was an awesome time
i wove fake snakes through my hair
you can buy cheap fake snakes at IPARTY or KBTOYS

do it!

Sarah said...

yay medusa!! i am totally going with the fake snakes. i planned on attaching them to a fishing line and weaving them through my hair (since it is so dark now, i think it will work WELL).

go gorgons!

(nerd alert!)

Becky said...

ok so I read your blog and I think we have a lot in common... but then when I read this I laughed out loud because I too am OBSESSED wtih Halloween.
I have to say my best adult costume was Martha Stewart in jail. I wore pearls with a jail bird suit, had Evian water and cookie cutter bread in a basket.
So yes it's September 22nd and I'm not 100% sure what I want to be this year. I'm thinking Pluto... the Ex Planet. But I have no idea how to pull that off. Any ideas?

Sarah said...

ahh! that martha stewart idea is PRICELESS! i love it.

the pluto thing is also an awesome idea...i dont know how you would do it though. maybe wear all blue and carry a sign that says "Planets suck anyway"?

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love all the costume ideas! I'm a lame loser who doesn't dress up and prefers to just people watch and look at all the great costumes. I'm usually either at school, working, or sleeping at Halloween anyway.

kim said...

halloween is not big in germany at all. i think i'm the only one carving a pumpkin and making pumpkin bread every year in this city. we've had halloween parties in the past but only three or so. didn't have one last year and since a friend's is having a huge 30th b-day-party on the 28th i don't think there will be one at all this year. so no dressing up for me *sniff* but hey, i can't wait to see your costume! :)

Sarah said...

you guys have OCTOBERFEST though, right? adam is dying to go there.

kim said...

nope, we don't up here in the north. also, we hate everything bavarian with a passion. i've been to an octoberfest in green bay once but that's about it. we have something called "freimarkt" here in the fall though. it's a fair with rides and food-booths and stuff that lasts for two weeks or so and is kinda fun.

but hey, if octoberfest is what it takes to have you come over here, i can arrange for one no prob ;)

PS: any chance for you guys to take a short-trip to chicago in the beginning of november? i'm thinking about "picking up" chris and staying for thanksgiving...

ka-rista said...

I'm trying to plan a wedding around going to OCTOBERFEST for halloween.....ahhhh the beer.

Oh, lederhosens, EBAY.....for everything

Lori said...

I second\third\fourth the obsession with Hallowee!!! I was "The Morning After" last year: Morning messy hair, smeared makeup, fake hickey, my bf's boxers and a sheet drapped across me with leopard print undies\bra, massage oil and the better sex video glued randomly on the sheet. Not everyone got it but I got a some laughs :)

rooroo said...

i was medusa last year: i handmade a black toga with greek gold box trim, wore lots of gold and greek make-up, and of course, the snakes. i wanted to make my hair a little wilder than i ended up having time for, but everyone got the idea. i have pics somewhere! it was a favorite of mine though. i am having a halloween party this year and i can't wait! i'm being a little crazy about mandatory (good) costumes... blah cowgirls and witches, be fun! myself i THINK i am repeating a costume from 2003 (i was in another state so it doesn't count) and being the four seasons with some friends... i'm winter. :)

san said...

this is awesome. halloween is slowly becoming popular in germany, although mostly the dressing up is done for carnival [which we celebrate in the Rhineland area ;)]... my sister goes crazy with her costumes as well. Next carnival she's going to go as a frog :)

If I manage to get to the States by Halloween, I should definitely think about a costumes... it's J's favorite holiday, too :)

Anonymous said...

did u change tghe layout again?

ill be in greece for halloween...i wonder if they do anything for the tourists over there


Nicky said...

I love fall and Halloween too!!!
I've also been a greek goddess and a vampire. One year I was a ghetto Jerry Springer guest. My cabbage patch kid made an apperance as the child of my no-good babydaddy. Not so p.c. but it got some laughs.
I have 3 parties to attend this year and, for one of them, was thinking about resurrecting my 1970's roller girl from the 70's costume party last year. Hey - those roller skates need to get some use. PJ and I have been thinking and thinking about a "couple" costume seeing as how all the other couples at Chrissy's annual party last year seemed to match adorably. We were going to be a zombie Robert Palmer and a "Simply Irrisistable" girl, but PJ doesn't want to have to buy a suit just to ruin it with dust and dirt. Back to the drawing board...

Me said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, my dog is going to be a lobster. I thought, that photo could double as my Christmas card since it's our first Christmas in New England...poor guy. Once a year I make him suffer for being my sure yet, have to come up with good idea neighbors throw a rocking Halloween party.

Stacey said...

I loved my costume in '04: a naughty librarian. Knee-length wool skirt, argyle print tights, knee-high boots, big grandpa cardigan, silky black shirt, red lacy bra peeking out, cameo necklace, and glasses. :)

I'm still thinking about this year . . .