Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am not too proud to admit when I need help.

There are many things I am capable of doing on my own. I make a mean coq au vin. I could write you a hilarious haiku on any subject in under 1 minute. I can open a bottle of wine with only a nail file and a wire hanger.

But I can NOT find a decent pair of black pumps. Anywhere. At all.

I have always had a problem with the basics, as far as shoes are concerned. I have green and fuschia sequined, silver, gold, red, green, multi-colored, bronze, brown, camel and pink shoes..but not a black pump in the bunch. Nor have I been able to find one since last year when I bought a pair of Nine West black stilettos at Marshalls and it turns our they were on clearance for a reason because the sole was so poorly formed that the heel left a BRUISE on the bottom of my foot.

Since then, there has been no black pump in my life.

Sure if I wanted 4 inch stilettos I would be made in the shade but I need something work appropriate, that I can walk around the office and around town with.

Something with at at least a 2 inch heel but less than a 3 inch one.

Something with a thin heel that is strong enough that I won't have to be visiting the cobbler within in a month.

Something stylish enough that I can wear it with a cute wrap dress and it won't drab it up.

Something made of GOOD leather. Maybe with some kind of print? A black crocodile Italian leather number would be PERFECT.

I'm a fan of buckles, and of pointy toes but the Euro chicness of the square toe is not entirely lost on me either.

Did I mention I want to spend under $100?

Yeah, those qualities combined do not exist in the real world, at least not as far as I can tell. And I don't order shoes online because with my wonky instep I really need to try on a shoe before purchasing.

So I reach out to you, the black pump wearing public, for advice. Brands? Locations? Prices?

Please don't make me show up at the Blog Fest in pink shoes. I don't want to be blatant.


Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Target has some cute ones - Issac Mizrahi especially.

I, on the other hand, can't find brown heels to save my life.

clipper829 said...

I'm not the biggest Coach fan, but honestly, these are the most comfortable, perfect heel-height black pumps I've ever worn. They're subtle, but with a bit of stitching detail. They look good with absolutely everything. They're $178, kinda over the $100 you wanted to spend, but as a black pump investment they're worth it.

Anonymous said...

Got these in brown and black. So comfortable - and CHEAP. They are not as shiny as they appear in the picture on the web, and are true to size.

Anonymous said...

I have an awesome pair of black pumps I got at DSW last year. They are Steve Madden and they meet all your criteria (functionality, material, price, etc.). I'm guessing you probably already looked there, though, so if they didn't have what you wanted then I'm afraid I don't know what else to tell ya.

Sarah said...

i love Tarjay. I also love Coach. I was planning on checking out what Macy's can do for me in that regard tonight when I hit up the mall!

Jenny said...

I am a big fan of both BCBGirls, Bandalinos and Nine West for basic pumps. I have at least 3 pairs of each.

Nine West has a GORGEOUS 2" heel in stores now:

And it's under $100 ;)

Sarah said...

ahhh those are perfect!!!

i am going to the mall tonight. hopefully the NW there has them although truth be told that NW kind of sucks. here's hoping though!


Lys said...

Ok - hold onto your hats... I know I know - the queen of NineWest/Steve Madden/ 4" heels, etc. has encountered the elusive, yet comfy AND stylish black pump at *ahem*

AEROSOLES! yes, I said it - Aerosoles. I happened to go in on Saturday night and met this little beauty - comfy, stylish and oh so chic... I might need to pick up a pair myself.

Good luck!

Sarah said...

aerosoles has actually gotten a lot cuter over the past few years. i have a pair of pale blue leather high heeled sandals from there and no one ever believes that that is where they are from! super comfy too!

Heather said...

I have the same problem! I got these:
the other day and so far they rock. I don't know if you'd think they were cute, but comfy for sure.

clipper829 said...

Damn. Now I'm OBSESSED with the Nine West pumps. I love the black croc and am wondering how to justify a pair of black croc pumps.

Sarah said...

heather those are super cute!! where are they from??

Anonymous said...

I second the recommendation of Nine West Nuncios (recommended by Jenny above). I have these in plain black, black croco and red, and wear them to work and with jeans. HUGE fan. I had a pair that I wore so often the leather wore off the heel, but they've smartly replaced the leather covered heel with the wooden heel.

Anonymous said...

I feel a sudden urge to go shoe shopping (which is surprisingly rare for me)...I blame all of you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sarah said...

nine west really seems to know what's up.