Thursday, August 10, 2006

Upcoming Events that I am Psyched About

* Tonight, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is having the last of the FREE Neighborhood Nights! It runs from 5:00 – 8:00 PM and includes
* Free admission to the museum
* Live music
* Art making activities and museum exploring for families.
* A special exhibition by Artist-in-Residence, Henrik HÃ¥kansson

This is a rare deal for the after work crowd since the galleries usually starts closing at 4:45, and the normally $12 admission is waived. So if you're in the Fenway area, check it out.

*This weekend is Tax Free Weekend in Massachusetts! And before you poo-poo it and say "Who cares about saving 5%?". Well, if you are in the market for bigger ticket items like furniture or appliances, as long as they cost under $2500 then 5% can actually be a good amount. And if you had shopping to do ANYWAY you may as well do it on the two days that you don't have to pay the tax on it. So go forth and purchase.

* August 15th is not just any regular ol' also kicks off the very short-lived, very long-awaited Kate Spade Sample Sale on Two Days Long. Up to 70% off retail price. Get in on it. (and thanks to Lys for reminding me!)

*Tickets are on sale now for the Samuel Adams Octoberfest, taking place this year on Saturday September 16 at the Castle in the Boston's Park Plaza. Live music, fun people, and new beers from Sam Adams created especially for Octoberfest.

* Boston Restaurant Week kicks off this Sunday, August 13th through the 18th and again from August 20th to the 25th. Although many restaurants have booked up there are still a few places available on . If you have made reservations already, where are you going? I am going to Lumiere in Newton on Tuesday (which incidentally is running Restaurant Week prices through Labor Day) , and Smith & Wollensky's next Friday.

* And on the massive nerd tip, The Temptations are playing a free concert at the Hatch Shell this Saturday at 7PM. If Adam and I don't end up going to Waterfire, I will totally be there. So what if they're 70? I bet they still rock "I Can't Get Next To You".


Stacey said...

Those events all sound fantastic! I'm most excited about Octoberfest. Have you been before?

Sarah said...

I went to the Beer Summit last year which was the same kind of deal, also in the Castle...but never been to Octoberfest. I believe this is the first time it's a specifically a "Sam Adams" O-fest which I am super psyched about! If you go we should totally meet up and drink (lots of) beer. :-P

M said...

Does anyone else find it weird that Octoberfest is in September?

Sarah said...

1) i am an idiot. its the SIXTH sam adams octoberfest

2) megs: obviously september is the new october. did you get my myspace query!?

Stacey said...

We should meet up! Ooh, or we should have Boston Blog Summit at Octoberfest. ;)

MB-K said...

Have fun at Lumiere. I took my wife there the night we got engaged, one of the best meals I've ever had.

If you have a chance for the flourless chocolate torte, don't pass it up.

Sarah said...

i'm excited! i have consistently heard good things about Lumiere.

thanks for the tip!

jayniek said...

I'm heading to Mantra on tuesday... I'm unsure about it, but the menu looked pretty wonderful.

Becky said...

ARGH! I wanted to do the Kate Spade Sample Sale so badly but the website is already saying the sale is over. WAAA!

Sarah said...

its not over! the website is super slow though!

Sarah said...

p.s. i have been trying to get on all morning and still NOTHING. i am po'd.

Becky said...

oh kate! Don't let us down!!!

ARGH I can't get on either. BOO!