Friday, August 04, 2006

There are two versions of me in the morning.

Some days, I wake up and immediately wish death upon everyone who talks to, looks at, or happens to be in a 50 foot radius of me. I push snooze as many times as possible, and when Adam asks me to turn the AC off as I leave the room I scoff at him. I take an extra long shower not because I am deep-conditioning or anything but because I am standing in the shower, lingering, for no reason. And by lingering I mean pouting about the fact that it is not the weekend. Then I can't find anything in my closet that doesn't disgust me. This worsens the mood.

Luckily I stop at Dunks on my way to work and get a coffee and usually by the time I arrive at the office the caffeine has kicked in and I am slightly less than morbidly bithcy.

And then there are the other mornings where I wake up right when my alarm goes off, if not a little bit before, and am WIDE AWAKE and (get this) PLEASANT. I sing in the shower! I have fabulous outfits to wear! I actually DO my hair. I may even think ahead and take some meat out of the freezer for dinner that night. Life IS GOOD.

And it ocurred to me recently, that these morning moods are ALMOST wholly dependent on day of the week.

Mondays = Super Bitch
Tuesday = Pleasant Polly (because Tuesdays are payday around here, and money makes me happy.)
Wednesday = Hate Life
Thursday & Friday = Super Pleasant Polly (well, for me anyway)

So you people are catching me on a Super Pleasant day. But then again I suppose most people are Super Pleasant on Fridays, oui?


Andrea said...

I loved this post..I laughed so husband does NOT speak to me in the morings ever for fear I might actually bite his head off and I totally hear you about the lingering in the shower, just to linger....


Sarah said...

haha! Adam can tell by looking at me usually. He will wake up and be like "Good Mor.....never mind!" and hurry back to sleep before I have a chance to roar at him.

ka-rista said...

ha-ha! I’m super duper pleasant. I wake up and sing RISE AND SHINE AND GIVE GOD YOUR GLORY GLORY! As obnoxiously as I can. I’m surprised Matt doesn’t punch me in the head.

Sarah said...

ha!!please tell me you know the lyrics to that song?

"Lord said to Noah, there's gonna be a FLOODY FLOODY!"

i want someone to e-sing with.

ka-rista said...

oh yes, i do.

Sarah said...

lol i thought i was the only one (aside from the peeps i went to overnight camp with). i <3 it!!

Stacey said...
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Stacey said...

I can completely relate (to the grouchy mornings & the camp songs both). It's a good thing I live alone, because me on a Monday morning is (shudder) scary.

I wrote about something similar a few weeks ago:

Sarah said...

i just read it! its funny because i am NOT having small talk either. Not unless I initiate it. I feel bad when people approach me on Monday mornings like "OMG how was your weekend? What did you do? How was it!?" and i am like "STFU"

I express myself best in MS PAint and Haiku

Stacey said...

Haha, I love it. I would love to have an anvil to use when people are just being too much. For example:

-random guy on the street saying "hot enough for ya?" gets an anvil
-annoying girls chattering about make-up & boys & who-knows-what in the restroom get an anvil
-grouchy guy at the fish counter at Stop & Shop who WILL NOT smile at my sweet little grandmother gets two anvils
-self-important coffee shop customers who will not get off their cell phones long enough to place their orders get an anvil & a kick in the rear

You get the idea. :)

Sarah said...

omg stacey you read my mind re: hot enough for ya. refer to my next post

Nicky said...

I am NOT a morning person any day of the week. PJ knows not to talk to me or to get in the way of breakfast and the coffee pot.
Nothing will make me wish death upon you faster than shoving me onto the tracks of an oncoming conversation when I've just crawled out of bed.
I can give you a few very recent examples, but you'd have to e-mail me directly to get the gory details. LOL.