Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reason #14711 that I love NPR

Because there has been NO mention this week, during either my morning commute or evening commute, of Mel Gibson.

I am so tired of hearing about it everywhere else I want to cut my ears off. People have no opinion about what goes on in the world, but they would be happy to tell you ALL ABOUT some drunk celebrity.

I am disgusted that such a spectacle is being made about it. I would rather have one more person ask me "Hot enough for ya?" than have to hear his name one more time today.

Don't we have other things to talk about??

UPDATE: Mel has infiltrated McSweeneys as well. But at least they were funny about it.

and Their Effects
on Mel Gibson.

By Wendy Molyneux
- - - -

Beer: anti-Semitism

Wine: hatred of Gypsies

Aspirin: mild disdain for babies

Chocolate: distrust of squirrels

Iced tea: quizzing mentally disabled Wal-Mart greeter about his involvement in 9/11

Oxygen: being a total douchebag


Nicky said...

I sort of think Mel was worth a mention. If only just to prove all the concern (over anti-semetic messages when The Passion came out) had a basis in reality.
Other than that, I agree with you. I'm a total NPR junkie. And there are a thousand issues which need more attention than Mr. Gibson's drunken antics. But if you ask the average Joe, I'm sure he'd be able to tell you about Mel before he'd be able to tell you about what's going on in Lebanon. (Hello, is it the apocalypse yet or what? And is your family ok???)
We're a celebrity culture. Unfortunately, there are many Americans who would rather wonder why Tom & Katie's baby has yet to make an apperance than ponder how we're going to get out of the mess in the Middle East.

Sarah said...

it was worth a mention, but at this point i feel like its overkill. STILL on the front page of AND i find it maddening. we haven't gotten an email/call from any of the family in Lebanon in over a week because the electricity and phones are down..but they are staying as far away from the fighting as they can so i have to believe they are fine. unfortunately this kind of thing is nothing new for them.

e$ said...


they totally did talk about it at like 7pm the night after it happened. And i was like, what's up with the goss, NPR? Next thing you know they'll be all up in LiLo's business!

Sarah said...

thank god i only listen to Morning Edition and All Things Considered. i think if i heard NPR talking about it i would have cried a little inside. on the outside as well i expect.

Cindy said...

is it hot enough for mel gibson?

In other Fox News, I was at the gym and for some reason I was in front of the Fox News TV. The headline - Will George Bush Forgive Mel Gibson.



Fucking Fox News