Friday, August 18, 2006

I love how my general interest in not making great efforts (in general) actually ends up with better results than if I had actually made an effort.

Are you with me?

Ok, so I ordered this desk organizer thing from our office-good supplier. The truth is if a piece of plastic could keep me organized well than the world would be a better place but as it wereI just liked the way it looked and when I like the way something looks, generally speaking, it must be mine.

So I order this desk organizer and when it arrives, lo, it is broken into smithereens. I guess the 2 pieces of blank paper they threw on top of it, inside the way-too-big box, were not the effective shipping padding they thought it would be. But it is of little concern. I call up the office-goods supplier and explain to them what happened and they offer to pick it up and give me a new non-broken one, when the delivery man comes by the office later in the day to drop of some white boards.


So right before quittin' time he strolls in and I bust out the box o' broken desk organizer. He looks at me like "You want me to do what?". I explained to him about it being broken and how the nice lady on the phone told me he would collect it and exchange it for me.

"I'm sorry but without a return reciept I can't accept this from you".

Now I did not even know what a return reciept was, much less have one to present to this man so I explained again that the nice lady on the phone told me I didn't need any paperwork, that he himself had delivered this broken item to me not 8 hours earlier and thus he should not have a problem taking it back.

"I'm sorry, I can't take it. You need a return reciept".

Now let me tell you that at this point? I am tired. It had been a relentlessly busy day, and I was ready to get the hell out. So I told the man "It's fine, I will just throw it out" And I literally meant it. I dont care about a broken desk organizer at 4:57PM. I will throw it out and just call it a day. I'm out $7. Big woo.

"I'm not trying to be a jerk, ma'am! I just don't want you not to get your money back, which might happen without a retrun reciept"

I was already tired of this coversation, and I just wanted him to leave so I could pack up my desk and get going so I told him "It's really totally fine. I don't need my money back. I'll just junk it. Don't worry". And with that I went to bid him adieu.

He faltered. "Ma'am I swear if I could take it I would! But you see, I need that reciept" he said, looking kind of panicky.

"Dude I SWEAR I don't care about it! Its broken, you won't take it. It's fine. Thanks! have a good night!".

He kind of sighed, looked at his watch, and then finally said "Ok just this once I will make an exception" and with that he scopped up my box o' broken desk organizer and was out the door.

My shiny new one arrived this morning!

So my point is this: not giving a fuck can sometimes pay off more than actually giving one. And when that happens it is glorious.

Laziness prevails, yet again.


e$ said...


plus coffee. i need coffee.

Nicole said...

As a fellow "unconcious face-maker", I'm willing to bet you must have tossed him a "look" without your knowledge. It must've read "Death to you and you family, Pig!" Behold = Sarah! She makes delivery men quiver in their boots! LOL.

Sarah said...

the thing is, i really didn't care if he took it back! i just wanted him to leave so i could leave, too. i bet if i HAD wanted him to take it he would not have. that's how life works :-P

Me said...

That's a great story.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my adventure and commenting. YES, I am in the way, I love your restaurant suggestions. Here is one from me: East Boston, Border Street, Mi Pueblito, best El Salvadorian/Mexican in this world. Awesome place, great people, usually I am the only white chick in there, but that the standard for my hood.

Marilyndrew said...

i love it!

And I love how you tell your stories!

Sarah said...

thanks dudes. :-P

san said...

hehe.. well done!