Monday, July 24, 2006

Things I Learned This Weekend

Alternatively Titled: I am Too Tired To Make a Real Entry

1) "Dad voice" always quiets even the noisiest, brattiest of kids. On Friday night Adam and I went to an evening screening of M Night Shamylan's Lady In The Water. About halfway through the movie, the theater lost power, and when it came back on it was evident that they would need a little while to get the film back on track. Of course the 50 teenagers in the audience found this the most opportune time to start screaming "Fuck you!" and "Suck my dick!" to each other for no reason other than they could. Ten minutes later, when the film finally restarted, their loud profanities could not be quelled by even the sternest of "Shhhhhhhhh!"s. Then one guy stood up, and in his best and deepest dad voice bellowed "If you want to watch the movie then you shut your mouths!". The theater erupted in applause (even from myself, I admit) and the bratty kids were heard from no more.

2)Limoncello is divine in a cordial glass, but even better on an ice luge.

3) Some people think that saying that you have to pee in mixed company is TMI. I am not one of those people. Especially after spending sometime with aforementioned ice luge.

4) Who needs to go to the jeweler and have extra links added onto your necklace when you have paperclips?

5) The reason our landlord has been so hard to deal with is, and I hate to admit this, is because I have been a bit of a pushover. I'm so concerned with her considering us good tenants that I let her walk all over me. Well, I don't need for her to like me, we signed a lease and that lease is binding. If she wants to act like a dick, she can talk to Adam who is better at being a dick right back. I am not dealing with her anymore. Life is too short. And she is far too annoying.

6) If you send something "Priority Mail", it will get there overnight 99% of the time and costs $11 less than actually sending something "Overnight Delivery". Good to know.


ka-rista said...

ice luge. hmmmm. i wonder if that is inappropriate at a wedding.


*googles Boston ice luge*

Sarah said...

YES!!!! <3<3<3

oh and try Brookline Ice

They do a mean luge.

ka-rista said...

This is how you know he is the one.

krista: can we get an ice luge for our wedding?
mattyboy: you know it!
krista: it's so on
mattyboy: anything for you sweetie

bag pipers and a luge. What a hoopla.

Jill said...

Saying you have to pee is considered TMI?? Really??? I guess saying you have to go change your tampon is really out of the question then!! lol.

Sarah said...

seriously and i wasn't even like "i have pee". i was talking to my boyfriend and he was like "have you been in this house before?" and i said "yeah once on the way home from shopping Diana and I stopped here to pee" and this guy who was eavesdropping said "Um, TMI!". jerk!

The Pink Kitty said...

Well that's what he gets for eavesdropping. announcing that one has to pee is not TMI. it's necessary, especially when one is in a car with a boyfriend who will not stop to pee unless one yells "for the love of god, stop the car! I have to pee!"... not that I've had any personal experience or anything with such a situation....

maybe that was TMI?

Sarah said...

that was definitely not TMI! and anyway that guy was a d-bag anyway. everytime he saw more than two girls talking together he would start complaining about how all girls do is gossip. just because girls are talking together does NOT mean they are gossiping.

well. maybe. :-P

Jill said...

LOL. He sounds like an ass. I'd just pee all over the jerkoff, then smile at him and say, "well, at least I'm not talking about it!!" :)