Sunday, July 30, 2006

Adam and I have discovered a new cure to hangovers. And it has nothing to do with consuming lots of water or gatorade, or popping handfuls of advil like tic tacs (although that helps)

It's going to the ZOO!

Yesterday morning, we were driving back to Boston, tired and hungover from a night at the Raddison in Manchester, NH where we partied the previous afternoon/night in celebration of Adam's 26th birthday. A short while after we passed the Massachusetts border, we saw a sign for the Stone Zoo along the side of the highway, underneath which was advertised "JAGUAR CUBS!".

Jaguar cubs?! Suddenly I felt absolutely compelled to see them myself. And Adam, equally random as I am, was equally suddenly determined to see them too so to Stoneham we headed to take in some Zoo action.

Even though it is a relatively small zoo, there is still LOTS to see, including flamingos, wolves, monkeys, bald eagles, lions, etc (all of which you can see here.) But I could not be satisfied until we saw the aforementioned Jaguar Cubs.

And so we did. And they were even kind enough to play out a little family drama for the appreciative crowd. Allow me to narrate.

Two cubs, chillin'.

Then this other little guy is like "I'm bored!"

"Mom! I'm boooored!"

"Son, get the hell away from me!I'm trying to get some sleep!!!"


"Frigging kids"

All in all, a fabulous time was have and by the time we had made our way around the whole zoo, we had forgotten all about hangovers and tiredness. It only takes about 1 and 1/2 hours to see the whole thing, and it was really a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Also, I want a Jaguar cub.


kim said...

awwww, that's so cute. love the family-action :) hey, instead of the jaguar cub how 'bout one of these?

Sarah said...

LOL what's funny is while we are looking at them I kept thinking "damn I would love a purse in that material". fake OF COURSE. :-P

kim said...

i gotta say that doesn't surprise me, which is why i found that link. i actually googled "jaguar purse" for you ;) oh, and OF COURSE fake!

Sarah said...

actually, THIS is what i need!!

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid that if you got a jaguar cub. It might eat your shoes *gasp*


Sarah said...

it MIGHT almost be worth it. i mean, look how cute he is!!!!

kim said...

oh my... that coat is, like, how do i say this? aehem, UGLY? but, well, that's just me :)

Sarah said...

i thought it would be a gorgeous addition to my wardrobe...

.....if i were a pimp.

kim said...


Nicky said...

I want to go to the zoo!!!

Yesterday, I also found that window-shopping around Portsmouth helps hangovers. (o;

alisa said...

I was called by that sign all last month when I drove down to Boston. But alas we have not visited yet. I totally know how that mom jaguar feels though.

Tom said...

oh man you guys are hilarious. "wow, it is so cool to hang out in stoneham. this is the best zoo ever. they have some animals! that rocks! wow! some younger animals!"

this is like americans going over to italy and getting excited about mcd's serving beer.

if you lived there, you'd know better.

Sarah said...

jaguar cubs are awesome whether you live in stoneham or not. it's a simple fact!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD, I use to go to The Stone Zoo all the time when I was little! I forgot all about it until I read/viewed your post. Thanks for bringing back some great memories :)