Thursday, June 22, 2006

Picture this:

You are in an office break room with coworkers, enjoying some Munchkins. Someone tells a clever joke. 4 out of 5 people laugh in a genuine, fun, normal way. Something like "Ha Ha Ha". One person laughs like this "HA HA HA HA heh Hee heh Hee heh HA!" with the last "HA!" lingering on as if bellowed into a canyon.

The people in aforementioned office break room scatter like pigeons until one person is left.

That person is me.

You see, I suffer lately from a cumbersome syndrome.

Crazy Laugh Syndrome.

My laugh is on the fritz and I don't know why. I'm not so self-unaware as to not realize that on a normal day my laugh is pretty loud. But it at the very least usually sounds like a sane person expressing merriment rather than a deranged/diabolical woman on the verge.

It is a sad state of affair when one's laugh reminds one of one's car horn.

Take this little interlude from last night. Adam and I went to a little bar/restaurant down the street from our apartment for some cocktails after dinner. When we got to the front door, it said that it closed at 9PM and since it was 10 of 9 we turned to leave. The couple that was smizzing out front told us that the kitchen closes at 9 but if you are at the bar already they will stay open till whenever. They told us we should definitely stay. We then had a laugh abou tthe fact that Adam and I give up so easily. So once inside, Adam made his way to the bar while I stopped in the ladies room. On my way out I ran into the lady we had met outside and I said to her "Ah we meet again" which is normal enough but of course I followed that little tidbit up with "HAHAHAheeHAHAheeHA!".

What's up psycho?

That's what her look said to me anyway. And mind you I am sober as the light of day and she is about 3 sheets to the wind and still I get a "Oh jesus" look from her.

So starting today I am in laugh recovery mode. If something funny happens I am not laughing unless I REALLY have to.

Giggling is ok.

Chuckling even would be fine.

Chortling is cutting it kind of close but absolutely NO laughing unless neccessary.
But what can be done?


kim said...

oh no, that is the wrongest thing to do. how can you forbid yourself to laugh? laughing is healthy and so what if you laugh like a crazy person? at least you're a happy crazy person :) laugh away girl. that's what i think!

PS: you know we'd all love for some audio-evidence, too.

Sarah said...

haha i was thinking that too! never has audio-blogging been more neccesary than now!

Lys said...

Sarah - I agree with Kim - One HAS to laugh. It's all good - plus - its not like you laugh and then snort. We have one of those here at work. Now that laugh deserves the crazy look.

ka-rista said...

I laugh like a dirty old man, kind of like that Muttley (Dastardly and Muttley Hanna Barbera).

Sarah said...

lol! my brother kind of laughs like that too. i like funny laughs...just not creepy ones.

Anonymous said...

have to disagree on the *laugh then snort*.... maybe not in the urkel-esque... but in my experience when someone lets out a snort it just makes everyone else who is laughing in a typical manner just completely lose their sh*t... especially when the snorter is the quiet, unassuming girl that you can't picture making any bodily noises in public

Sarah said...

i myself do not mind snorts as long as they are not too gooey.

AmyD said...

I just laughed out loud at this post, and then had to stop myself and look around to see if I received any weird looks. Because I've been known to laugh like this - "HA HA HA HA heh Hee heh Hee heh HA!" - on occasion, too. Until now, I didn't even realize it.

I'd laugh about this newfound realization if I weren't afraid to. ;o)