Monday, June 19, 2006

In general I condsider myself to be a pretty positive person. I mean I am not running around like "OMG CAN YOU EFFING BELIEVE HOW WONDERFUL EVERYTHING IS" mostly because I have not done E in about 5 years. But generally I am more like "Things are pretty good, I like them." and I leave it at that.

Except when I come into contact with one of my coworkers.

There is one coworker in particular, a higher-up, who is a really nice, friendly person but for some reason whenever she talks to me about something I get all Debbie Downer on her.

For instance, last week I had just gone mist-on tanning the previous night and so my co-worker, let's call her "Lori", commented on how tan I am. Let's see what happened next.

Lori: I can't believe it, I mean even the lifeguards are not that tan
Me: Well, it's not natural. I go mist-on tanning. You see, skin cancer runs in my family, my dad had it and my grandpa had it and with the ozone layer and they all survived but with my luck I would get melanoma and I don't want to risk it even though I was a lifeguard myself for 4 years and it's probably too late anyway.
Lori: ?

Wah Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

And I am not even like that in real life with other people. Just this one, cheerful coworker illicits the Debbie in me for some reason. And it doesn't just stop at that one incident. Let's do a recap of a conversation last Friday. You see, on fridays in my office a beer cart gets pushed around after 3PM and lately it has had some nicer bottles like Sam Summer, Dos Equis, etc. On this past Friday, only Bud and Bud light were available and since I don't care for either I didn't take any.

Lori: Aren't you going to take a beer?
Me: Well, normally I would but Bud gives me heartburn and I mean sometimes I get heartburn with other beers too, even ones I actually like, but with Bud it's like the worst kind of heartburn and I'm going out to dinner at Sunset Grill tonight and I don't want to be like "ugh I have heartburn and can't enjoy any of the 100 beers they have on tap".
Lori: ?????

Wah. Waaaaaaaaaah!

And even as I am saying these things I am like "Sarah, shut the fuck up!" but of course I never listen to myself. And what makes it all a little more surreal is that I was once offered a new position on Lori's team and I turned it down because it was a lot of more work for basically no more money. I bet every time she talks to me she says a silent "Thank You" that I am was too lazy to take that job. Because you know if I did I would be all "Well, I like being on this team but before I didn't have as much work and made the same amount of money and I mean so and so who has only worked here a year already makes more than me and has less responsibility and I mean...."

Wah. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

because of you every negative thing I say for the rest of the day will be followed by

Wah. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Sarah said...

i hope you make the DD face too!

AmyD said...

Hahahaaaaaa! This is too perfect. That poor lady is probably thinking, "Do I LOOK like a bartender?..." ;o)

From now on, stick to ONE WORD answers when you respond to this Debbie-Downer-Inducing woman. At least that way she'll think your rude and not whiny. Haha!

kate.d. said...

Sunset Grill. sigh. i used to live right around the corner! though there is much about A/B that i do NOT miss, that place did have pretty good food.

just the other day, actually, i was craving a chia bagel from Bagel Rising so bad i almost cried.

Sarah said...

i love sunset! i am not normally a big beer fan but you can't help be impressed by/psyched about the sheer magnitude of what they have. that and i tried mead for the first time on friday. good times!

Caity said...

This made me laugh because I catch myself being a Debbie Downer once in a while, too!

Caity said...

This made me laugh because I catch myself being a Debbie Downer with certain people too!