Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Let's be honest here: how coherent am I expected to be after a glorious three day weekend?

Hopefully not that coherent.

Anyway, one thing I accomplished this weekend ( I say "one thing" like there were "other things" accomplished. There were not, I was a very lazy, relaxed girl this Memorial Day weekend. So perhaps I should say "The only thing constructive") was to organize my summer wardrobe. This entails looking through my clothes/shoes/handbags for things I will potentially wear over the next 3 months and hanging them in my closet and taking the things I will not wear and putting them in bins to be taken to my parents since we don't have any storage (sob!). It also entailed a shoe fashion show since some of my babies I have not seen in a several months...and some I shall not see again for several months.

It was an emotional afternoon:

Say Hello To:

My zebra Ralph Lauren sandals. These came to me one hot August afternoon when I was still working for the real estate company. My flip flops broke, as fate would have it, right in front of the Boylston Street Marshalls. So I swept in and immediately fell upon these lovelies. They have seen me through many a fashion emergency. Basically when I have no idea what shoe to wear, I wear these.

These bronze lovelies I actually just acquired last week. I look forward to wearing them with an outfit I have dubbed "The Semi-Slutty Roman"

I bought these last year to wear with a black and white flowered dress for a friend's wedding shower. They are SUPER COMFORTABLE mostly because they are Naturalizers which, in my estimation, have come a long way, baby.

These shoes are kind of ghetto fab. I bought them on a whirlwind shopping excursion before my trip to P-town last summer. In my mind, Provincetown calls for an excess of rhinestones. I still wear them from time to time when I am feeling uppity.

I bought these on a whim. A $2 whim. They were $2.

Say Goodbye To:

The one shoe I ever found on clearance at Marshalls that was halfway decent. I love their 80s chic-ness!

Adam hates these, and I know that because whenever I put them on he sighs "OH JEEZ!". I, however, love them and bought them on my 25th birthday as a little reminder that getting old doesn't mean getting less glitzy.

So there we have it, a small cross section of what my feet were up to this past Monday. In my heart of hearts, I secretly want to take a photo of all of my shoes and catalogue them and use that to pick out shoes, maybe concoct some kind of Cher in Clueless contraption?

I wish.


e$ said...

ok - this will sound bad, but it's really not -

when I saw the zebra shoes, my mind originally went "MARSHALL'S!!", but only because my sister and I found them in the clearance rack one day and they had them in her size and not in mine. I was sad and jealous.

great collection!!

Sarah said...

i wish i could find shoes like that on the clearance rack! in my size (9) all they ever have left are porn star stripper heels and/or keds. it is a sad state of affairs.

ugagirl16 said...

You are sweet to call me skinny - I still feel like a cow :) I am trying!!!

LOVE the $2 shoes.......

e$ said...

dude - my sister is totally a size 9.


alisa said...

I enjoyed that fashion entirely too much for someone who doesn't own those shoes.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love clueless. love, danielle

Sarah said...

i do too. it is indeed a classic.

Anonymous said...

i have, actually photographed my shoes.
and catalogued them.
oh dear god, somebody help me.