Friday, May 05, 2006

A Few Things...

*On Fridays, in my car, we listen to Rick Springfield. And by "we" I mean me, and by "listen" I mean blast. If there is a better Friday anthem than "Love is Alright" then I have never heard it. I also consider myself sort of a goodwill ambassador in this regard, since when I am stopped at red lights, those around me are subject to Rick's vocal stylings and thus their day is made a little brighter. And who doesn't feel a little better about life after hearing "Affair of the Heart"? Nobody.

* Last night I met my friends Kate and Russell for dinner and drinks at Pho Republique (which is completely divine, by the way. If you have not been, GO) and I was all excited to bring my camera and take lots of pictures and caption them with things like "What the Pho?" and "Money, Cash, Phos" and "Phoget about it!" but of COURSE I got half way to the South End and went to take a picture of the gorgeous sunset and lo and behold, i done left my batteries at home. I know, I am a dolt. And the pictures would have been great

Pho real.

But in any case, Pho Republique is a fantastic restaurant. The bartender was sweet and quick, and made wonderful,strong yet delicious cocktails (try the coconut martini). In the South End you run the risk of your bartender being a bitchy gay in which case having breasts means being banished to the land of SistaCan'tGetADrinkVille. This was not true at Pho though, he was a delight. And our waitress was cute and not annoying, and our food came within 10 minutes and was perfect. All in all I have not one bad thing to say about the place. I will defintely be going back!

And tonight I am meeting my cousins Anna and Kate on Moody Street for dinner & drinks and I actually have batteries in my camera, so although Tempo does not lend itself to fun captions as much as Pho, I'm sure I can make something work.



*It is freaking glorious out. That's the only way to describe it. TGIF!


ka-rista said...

Oh that looks nice and cozy! I'll have to check Pho Republique out.

clipper829 said...

...Jessie is a friend...