Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cinco de Mayo: A Brief Pictorial

Saw one of these on the way to work and considered it a good luck sign:

On Fridays after 3, one of the guys at work comes around with a beer wagon. This time it was a bit more festive than the usual Bud/Bud Light

After work I met my cousins Anna and Kate on Moody Street for dinner

We dined at Tempo

Anna reccomended we try the Riesling and it was DIVINE

Kate and Anna

Kate and I

Kate and Leopold

Fabulous Cousins!

Tempo was amazing, great wine list, lovely food, fantastic cocktails (the fabulous white concoction you see next to me is a Key Lime Pie martini with crushed graham crackers around the rim, I had it for dessert!)

Really, Moody Street in Waltham is so adorable. There are so many cool bars and restaurants to check out. Anna and I have checked out a lot of them but there is still much more to see/eat/drink. It's so diverse and unpretentious. And a lot of the restaurants have open fronts in the summer and I think I shall quite enjoy spending warm evenings at various Moody Street restaurants, sipping mojitos and people watching out the window.

In fact, I think that Moody Street shall be my summer boyfriend.

Sorry Adam!


Sparky said...

Sarah, if you like Reisling, you need to try Montevina Terra D'oro Moscato. It's heaven in a glass. I pulled this wine for tasting (I'm a salesperson for a liquor distributor) and it was the only completely empty bottle at the end of the day. SOOO Good!!

Sarah said...

thanks for the tip! i will definitely check it out!

AliRose said...

Kate and Leopold... LOL

I seriously had to put my hand over my mouth as to avoid spewing my nonfat vanilla latte all over my keyboard. Thanks for the laugh this morning, it's Monday, and I needed it. ;)

ka-rista said...

Oh that's funny! I moved to Watertown three months ago and the boyfriend and I were JUST saying we've got to check out Moody street. I'll let him know it was given two thumbs up.

Sarah said...

oh DEFINITELY check out moody street. you will love it!!!

Marilyndrew said...

Does that SUV have a set of balls hanging from its underside??

Sarah said...

oh yes! please refer to this post for my thoughts on it. ridiculous!