Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I took a vacation day from work, since I had a gynecologist appointment in the morning and I mean who really feels like doing an honest day's work post-speculum? not I!

So, to entertain you while I am off enjoying this fabulous day: a few pictures from the bridal shower a couple of my friends and I threw for our good friend Jenn who is getting married in June (eek!)

I was in charge of buying flowers, so I went with off white mums, light purple mums, off white roses and light purple roses. Jeannie and Diana did a fantastic job arranging and I think they came out CUTE. We set them in the middle of the tables with decorative marbles in green and white around them (our bridesmaid dresses are mint green so that was kind of a theme).

For favors we made seashell shaped chocolates and bundled them in green tulle with salt water taffy

I was so happy my good friend Bloody Mary could attend.

Here comes the bride!! It was SUPPOSED to be a surprise but I think the marquis in the lobby announcing her bridal shower kind of gave it away. That and as she so NICELY pointed out as soon as she entered the room "I knew it!!Sarah I recognized your "Dem" bumper sticker in the parking lot!" d'oh!! :-)

She is a pro!

Me, Andy and Jenny

The happy couple (who made out like bandits with the gifts!) Jenny, our resident artist, made the bow bouquet. Isn't it purty?

The Btree crew at the end of the party!

All in all it was a GREAT shower. We all chipped in and helped out, the bride had a fabulous time, and I know the wedding is going to be a scene and a half. And i cannot WAIT.


kim said...

i LOVE the flowers, and the favors AND your shirt. enjoy your after-gyn-day-off :)

e$ said...

more compliments: the skirt gets eight thumbs up!

Rebecca said...

Looks like a really nice time!
Found you from Pink and Green girl's site. Love the name of your site! ;)

Mr. & Mrs. Cappella said...

i just realized: andy ruins our girls-with-glasses back row!! lol!

Lys said...

Looks like you guys did a hell of a job! Sarah - kudos on the outfit! The skirt/top is tres chic! Very Springy :)

jenny said...

um, why do I look like a weird midget in that picture of me, you and andy!? you two look normally proportioned - I looked....a little off. It was prolly all those mimosas I sucked down...

Marilyndrew said...

And one boy at the party?

You deffinatly should have put some pastel on him. ;)

Nicky said...

Is everyone from your town required by law to get the same glasses? Lol.
Party looked lovely. As always, you're so chic and sassy!