Monday, April 03, 2006

Guys, I need help.

And by help, I of course mean A Maid.


My apartment is in bad shape. I mean even on a GOOD day I am not the neatest/most organized person. This is how my mind works as far as having a neat apartment is concerned: I personally don't care about living in a mess...But if I am having guests over, even one friend, then the place has to look at least marginally clean..especially the living room where we do most of the entertaining.

However even this philosophy is beginning to lose it's charm. I had guests over Friday night and I think the place was pretty neatened up: I even windexed the coffee table which is Above and Beyond if you ask me. But by Saturday i was all turning the lights off in every room but the living room and forbidding people to look in lest they see piles of dishes/clothes (depending what room they looked in).

Simply put: I am stuck in a mess whirl-hole.

I am at the point now where I have so much cleaning/organizing/throwing out of junk to do that it seems insurmountable and so I do absolutely NOTHING. We have eaten out/ordered in for the past few days so I haven't even really had to go in the kitchen and deal with the huge pile of reciepts and half eaten loafs of bread hanging out on top of the fridge, or the 20,000 wine glasses on the counter that need to be delicately hand washed, or the fun stuff I bought at Pier One that I am too lazy to put away/setup.

And I am basically living out of a laundry basket of clean clothes and I can only PRAY that when that runs out, I have the will to do another load.

So you see, if I had a maid come in and even just START my spring cleaning/regular cleaning what have you, then it would all seem a little less daunting.

Or you know what I really need is one of those scary British ladies from "How Clean is Your House" to come in and slap me around a little bit. Because seriously this is getting out of hand.

*I don't care what anyone says: I loved Maid in Manhattan


Natalie said...

we have the most fabulous husband & wife maid pair come once a month. and cooper told me just last night i could start having them come every three weeks...and then in like six months we can increase it to every two weeks. i'm on cloud nine--i love a clean house, but unfortunately, i'm a complete slob.

Sarah said...

thats what i'm talking about!! when i lived at home, my parents had a woman come once a week just to clean the kitchen and bathrooms. that's really all that i would need too AND she only costs $30 per visit. Adam is very wary about giving someone else a key to our place though. Maybe if i make a big enough mess he will give in? :-)

Tom said...

I liked that movie.. and so did our maid in Rio.. ;)

Nicky said...

Welcome to my life!!!
You know what happened when we were going to have you guys over on PJ's b-day. It looks worse in here now, if that's possible. I am with ya - I need a maid.

Jaime said...

i LOVE maid in manhattan!