Friday, March 24, 2006

Let's clear something up.

Let's say I am in line at a store (in this case, Marty's (as usual)). Let's say that the line is very long because only one cashier is open. So I wait patiently until about 8 minutes later, I am third in line and no longer 10th.

At this point, let's say another cashier opens her register and yells "I can take the next customer".

That "next customer" she refers to is either the person in front of me (the second person in this line) or me, the third customer, if the second customer gives me the go ahead. It may even be the fourth person if I allow it..but it is in NO WAY YOU, the 8th person!! You and your shitty $14 mustard and $8 cashews better stand the frig down because I have been in line for 10 minutes now, and you just joined this nightmare so you, dear sir, must WAIT.

I swear if I was more myself today I would have done what I usually do and gone over there and pulled an Oh Hell No. But alas I am still not feeling up to snuff and let this one slide.

Next time though....


kate.d. said...

Marty's, at comm ave and harvard ave? i don't know if marty's is some sort of boston franchise, but i do know i went to that store FAR too often in the two years i lived in allston. my apt my first year was literally two blocks away...which is probably why i was drunk all the time!

Sarah said...

there are only two marty's: the one you just mentioned and one on washington street in newton(the one that i go to). it is AMAZING! this is the first time i ever went in there and didn't buy ANY wine. it was amazing. i just bought crackers and cheeses to have as sick-person-snacks tonight

Lindsay said...

Oh HELL no! At least you glared... PLEASE tell me you glared. Or huffed.