Thursday, March 16, 2006

Last night Adam and I visited the MFA so Adam could get a jump start on a paper he has due for his art history class. (And if you didn't know, the Museum is free on Wednesday nights).

We spent the majority of our time in the Roman & Greek galleries, looking at this sculpture specifically (the subject of Adam's paper)

Now, I consider myself an art lover, but looking for one hour at the same thing is not exactly my idea of a great museum experience, so I left Adam to wander through some of the other Greek galleries. Ever since my dad became an artist himself, I find myself particularly drawn to sculpture. The fact that these particular ones are mostly sculptures of muscular, naked men has nothing to do with it, I assure you.

So there I am, enjoying a little quiet art appreciation. When a loud mouthed girl enters the gallery. How did I know she was loud? Becasue she was on her cell phone screaming about "the other night". And I mean I can appreciate, as a volume-control challenged person myself, that a museum gallery has a way of amplifying even a whisper. But she was not only not whispering, she was yelling. And a yell in a gallery is like a yell into a loud speaker. And let me tell you, Miss Thang wasn't exactly talking about the most discreet of subjects, unless you count hooking up with "that fat ugly guy from the bah!" proper topics for those studying in a museum to hear.

I shot a few of my nastiest, deadliest looks in her direction but she was somehow unmoved..or at least not moved enough to get off the phone but she WAS moved enough to tell her friend that "some bitch was giving her a dirty look".

Defeated, I left the gallery in search of Adam and that giant torso (not his).

I paused to look at some Ancient Roman jewelery hanging in a case by the wall, when I heard a distinct caucophony of shrill elevator music that can only be attributed to a cell phone! Who doesn't shut their cell phone off in a museum! OR at least put it on silent! The nerve. Luckily it wasn't me because I mean I have "Copacabana" as my ring and this was somethine else.

Oh wait...I changed my ring last night.

Damn it.

And of course as I am fumbling in my purse for my phone, Miss Loud Thing walks by and I SWEAR became haughty when she saw it was me with the offending ringtone.

So I guess I'm the asshole.

But still, if you are going to talk on your phone in a museum, do so quietly and quickly. Because next time it won't just be dirty looks, it will be really loud sighs!


J-Mo said...

Ya! Stick It To Her!

Alexis said...

Also, the ICA (inst. of contemp art) is free on Thursday nights, and always has hipster, fun exhibits (and is really near to Cactus Club for the post-hipster 'rita)...