Thursday, March 30, 2006

And now, something every fashionista has been waiting for (according to our friends at Neiman Marcus)

The Manolo Blahnik candle!

I may not be able to afford his shoes, but for a mere $75 I can own his designer candle and proudly display it in my home.

I hear it smells like ankle pain and credit card debt.


clipper829 said...

That ranks right up there with the Louis Vuitton candles. I'm all for designer luxury, but seriously. You can burn a yankee candle or even a williams sonoma candle for a FRACTION of the price.

Or, you can do what I do and burn (non-hippy-ish) incense. Now that's economical.

Sarah said...

what exactly does non hippy-ish incense smell like ? :-)

e$ said...

does it infuse your home with the smell of new leather stilletos?

Sarah said...

lol if they made a TJ Maxx candle, that would be more my speed.

although that one may smell like urine, like their dressing rooms so perhaps not.

kate.d. said...

I hear it smells like ankle pain and credit card debt.

ha! that is the funniest thing i have read in days.

i saw this on The Manolo's site too, but for obvious reasons, he was slightly more forgiving :) but really, what's the fun in being nice?

clipper829 said...

LOL Sarah, I was gonna say a Marshall's scented candle would fit me perfectly, but not the home goods aisles, as it usually smells like cat pee there!

Andy said...

What does non-hippyish Incense smell like? I'm sure I have no idea but I was in a tore recently and saw Chanel No. 5 incense. It was a 7-11 but I still desperately wanted it (not being allowed by the norms of society to wear CH.No.5 without being thought of as the basis for a Felicity Huffman vehicle.