Monday, January 09, 2006

Mr Galliano, I have an idea for your next collection

May I present the Dior Bib? Part of the Soon to be Announced (hopefully) Spring 2007 Adult Bib Collection

I am serious here. I can no longer deny the fact that I need to wear one, and I think I would feel distinctly less odd if it were a "designer" bib than if I just cruised the Baby Aisle at Shaws until something caught my eye (and fit around my neck).

So yes, John? Please get on this.

And until he gets this memo, note to self: tomato soup + baby blue button down = you looking like you ate some kind of animal alive on your lunch break.


Grace said...

By the way, I've purchased a real live website domain.


Update accordingly Please!

Natalie said...

(and i had tomato soup for lunch today, too!)

Lys said...

Absolutely Agree! Love the GirlyFabric. Blue shirt - tomato soup just doesn't make a good fashion combo. BTW - GREAT NYE's pics!

Amanda said...

maybe you could team up with these people.