Monday, January 02, 2006

Jenny made this lovely montage which I think pretty much sums up my New Years Eve night.

Adam and I met up with Jenny, and a bunch of other fabulous people at Desiree and Anthony's swanky manse to ring in the New Year in the only way we know how : dressed to the nines and champagne-mad. Highlights from the night include: a Midnight Mariah singalong for two, Danielle's uhhmazing strawberry mojitos, an extra special man on man lap dance starring our very own Adam, and assorted other debaucherous (but essentially clean) fun that made me truly believe that 2006 will be the best year yet!

And so far I am doing great with my resolutions! (Yes, I know it's only day three but this is the girl who gave up vegetarianism with a Big Mac. When I fall from grace, I hit with a THUD). But so far so good. If you will recall I reolved to 1) Drink More Tea, 2) Engage in more written correspondence (like "thank you" and "thinking of you" cards) and 3) Be less of a screener and pick up the damn phone once in a while.

And since Jan1, I have drank green tea twice. And today I bought some cute embossed thank you cards, and although I confess i DID screen a phone call today it's because I was watching the Sopranos and Comcast was being bitter and "stopping" when i pressed "pause" and then not allowing me to "resume" where I left off. So, I was not truly screening.

So, it doesn't count.


kim said...

happey new year, sarah! i hope it'll be the bestest and greatest and just an awesome one for you! :)

Polly Prissy-Pants said...

One of my girlfriends made the same resolution (written correspondence) a couple years back. She followed through and has kept it up. It's a really nice way to stay in touch with people. I am too lazy my self, but I highly recommend the practice.

I also switched from Coffee to tea here at work but have already fallen off the wagon (one hungover Tues. and I'm done).