Friday, January 13, 2006

I think there should be a "Feel Like Crap" clause added to all company Sick Day policies.

This clause would allow someone who Felt Like Crap (Crap meaning lousy, but not quite lousy enough to render one incapable of going to work), to call in in the morning and say "Hey, I Feel Like Crap today" and everyone would know that translates to "I am coming in, but don't give me any work to do/talk to me. I am staying hidden away from normal, healthy people in my cubicle and no one better mess with/get chatty with me". And then maybe someone could send out a mass email to all the employees of the company to that effect, and that way I could come into work, feel like crap, and everything would work out great for everyone.



kim said...

would asking what's wrong through a comment on your blog be okay? then i say: hell jeah!

also: good thing "feel like crap day" falls on a friday. i mean, it could be a lot worse like let's say on A MONDAY *gasp*

hope the day goes by fast for you and you feel better :) don't you have a long weekend ahead?

Sarah said...

i was out sick yesterday, and while i feel better today, i still have that tired, gross, out-of-it, feeling. and i DO have a three day weekend so you are right, at least after today I get to rest :-)

Anonymous said...

feel better girly!
my hangover last night lasted until 9pm. yes thats right. 9pm.

couldve killed myself.
a day with a hangover is bad enough.. but a hangover with a baby? holy shit.


Ezra said...

My mom used to let me take "mental health" days in high school, when I just couldn't deal with school. They should have those for work.

Hopefully by the time i rejoin the workforce (Sometime in 2007) they will have approved them.

Lys said...

As far as I'm concerned, "mental health days" are equivalent to sick days. Its for everyone's sanity that one takes a mental health day now and then, if only to save the others from having to deal with pent up crankiness. ;)

Okgirl Speaks said...

Amen Sistah!