Friday, December 23, 2005

Topic of Discussion: Re-gifting, Yay or Nay?

I say "yay", but there are a few ground rules.

1) You must move re-gifts to different social circles. For instance if a co-worker gives you something you don't need, you may re-gift it to someone in another group of acquaintances/friends such as hometown-friends, the mailman, people you drink with in the park after work.

2) You should not re-gift anything monogrammed. Unless of course you have a really common name like, say, Sarah and have 4-5 other friends with the same name.

That being said, I think re-gifting is a good deal. Because even if you give someone a crappy gift, you may be saving them the trouble of buying a crappy gift for someone else. And that is the greatest gift of all.


Jaime said...

i say "yay" and agree with your rules, but i would also like to add that you can't use the gift, decide you don't want it and then re-gift it. and never regift anything homemade.

Sarah said...

Very good point(s)!

Frankie said...

I say yay as well.

But just because you regift something, doesn't mean it was crappy. I wouldn't regift something that was a affront to humanity, you know? I regift things I can't use.

Sarah said...

well to me, a gift that i cannot use is a crappy gift. but one girl's crappy gift is another girl's chip-n-dip, no? :-P

J-Mo said...

I'm so for the re-gifting. I get a lot of shit through work, and i send it all out the other end to family.

The Pink Kitty said...

regifting can be good :)

Happy Holidays Sarah! Hope you get plenty of pink shoes (and maybe a kitchen aid ;) Purrs!

Sarah said...

ahhh i DID get a kicten aid PK!!! haha you are awesome. good call.