Thursday, December 29, 2005

So, I am perusing news headlines as I usually do when avoiding actual work. And this headline leaps out at me

Ostrich Shell Necklace: Paleolithic Must

And I of course click on it, beacuse I am interested in all jewelry: be it paleolithic or tiffany's.

So when I get to the article, do they have a picture of this famed ostrich shell necklace?


They have this.


I know what an ostrich looks like, I want to see the NECKLACE.

It would be like if I were like "Hey guys, I got the most gorgeous pearl necklace last night, wanna see it?


Hey guys! Check out my new diamond ring!! It's emerald cut

Heads up to journalists: If you are going to entice your readers with headlines, you better follow up with the goods. And by goods I mean pictures. Pictures of ostrich shell necklaces.


Anonymous said...

Umm...ostrichs have shells?

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

I <3 African Emerald Mines. WOrk Zsa Zsa! lol -andre

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the shell they were born in?

Sarah said...

read the GD article! it's discovery channel's language, not mine.