Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I feel like I can't complain about Blogger because it's free..and if I am not paying for it than what right do I have to bitch when it doesn't work right? And why would Blogger care if I email them to complain. They would probably be like "This ain't Wordpress, biatch". Do you even pay for Wordpress? I am clueless about the world outside of Blogger, I swear.

Anyway, instead of bitching I will say this: I turned off my ability to moderate comments which means that now when you comment it will appear right away in my blog. Too many comment-emails were ending up in my spam box and thus I was never seeing them and thus never publishing them and thus perhaps you lovlies thought i was hating and deleting. I promise no. Blogger just fronts sometimes.

So, comment away.


Anonymous said...

Wordpress is free, you just have to set it up. Check mine out...don't mind the content on the
The best site ever

AliRose said...

I am honestly so happy to read this because I was positive you just really didn't like me and were trying to get me to stop commenting! I'm such an idiot, I can't believe I let stupid blogger make me feel all insecure. =)

Sarah said...

aww! NEVER! you are awesome and i freaking adore your comments. damn you, Blogger!